clinical intelligence for supply chain leadership

200+ hospitals join Premier Inc. data sharing quality improvement collaborative

More than 200 hospitals and health systems have joined Premier Inc.'s QUEST2020 collaborative to design, test and spread new advances in care delivery across...

Why global health security is essential to U.S. National Security

How does CDC fulfill its mission to keep America safe from health threats? The first-ever special supplement to CDC's Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) journal...

Should Supply Chain be taking care of business?

How does a Supply Chain leader know if his or her operation is ready for a revenue-generating enterprise and when to take a leap of faith?

Making Supply Chain’s business case for generating revenue

Supply Chain experts share how to shape financial and operational pitches that sell.

Supply Chain’s Great Reawakening?

Supply Chain leaders show how to pursue risky revenue-generating ventures and succeed.

Get more mileage with a hybrid OR

Facilities that succeed in attracting top surgical staff and top patient satisfaction scores know the value of a top-shelf surgical suite.

State-of-the-art surgical suite storage

When a facility upgrades its surgical suite(s), the remodeling plans should also include smart storage designed specifically for protecting surgical supplies and instrumentation. Ian...

An enlightened approach to disinfection

Hospitals are installing UVC ceiling fixtures in the operating room for continuous disinfection during and after surgical procedures.

Getting a handle on instrument storage

There is no shortage of options when it comes to keeping instruments protected and free of contaminates during storage and transport.

Loaner tray solutions

The CS/SPD at Eisenhower Army Medical Center grapples with instruments storage and tight quarters.
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