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September 2016 Product Picks

Single-use digital flexible ureteroscope, Advanced rapid protein test, Surgical Skin Markers, Gelling fiber advanced wound dressing, Vertical laminar flow workstation, PEPID for Windows, Surgical light handle covers, and Mid-volume Coagulation Analyzer.

June 2017 Product Picks

Mobile device disinfection solution, Pre-surgery nutrition, Instrument tip protectors, Electrosurgical knife for ESD procedures, Osteoarthritis knee pain treatment

July 2017 Product Picks

In-Floor Dialysis Scales, Compliance toolkit for handling hazardous drugs, Lateral patient transfer system, Airway clearance technology for CF patients, Vein locator, Radiation protection

November 2016 Product Picks

Security locking door carts, Natural odor eliminator for disinfection and maintenance products, Wireless rapid diagnostic system, Multi-Purpose Equipment Label, New OTC cream for long term relief of joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, Catheter securement device, EHR App certified for electronic prescriptions of controlled substances, BioSafe cleanroom stairs with work platform, Orthopedic instrument protection trays, Universal OR light handle cover.

A primer on antibiotic-resistant superbugs and improving antibiotic stewardship

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that one out of every 25 hospitalized patients will contract a...

February 2017 Product Picks

Heated vest personal protective equipment, Four-hour rapid readout biological indicator for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization, Free-standing portable stadiometer, Apple iOS-compatible wireless oximeter, Clean and Dirty Locks for extra round soaker security, and PCA 7.0 Infusion System integrates with the electronic medical record .

May 2017 Product Picks

Non-Latex Gloves, Inspection magnifier for surgical instruments, Universal patient transport system, Linen Hamper, smART Kit for radial arterial catheterization, Clipless, heavy-duty woven bandage

Shortcuts to Sustainable Pest Management

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Seasons change, but pest pressure is constant and introduces unique challenges from month to month. Are you prepared? This Seasonal Guide to Pests will help strengthen your IPM program.

April 2017 Products Picks

Online post-operative patient engagement platform, 4K UHD surgical monitor, Handheld technology diabetic retinopathy screening, Medical device management platform, Percutaneous urinary drainage sets, Global virtual reality in the OR

January 2017 Product Picks

Hospital-grade keyboard with cleaning button and analytic software, System-wide clinician performance technology, Retractable cord reels with antimicrobial treatment, Two-way pager with encryption capabilities, Urine cup with dual click screw cap, Hygienic laundering certification program for healthcare textiles
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