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October 2016 Product Picks

Antimicrobial hospital pillows, Durable plastic utility cabinets, Self-Seal CLEAN Bag, Estape TrenMAX positioning pads for robotic surgeries, HipGrid Drone for total hip arthroplasty, Surface disinfecting and sanitizing sprays , All-In-One Medical-Cart Computer

December 2016 Product Picks

Online publication assists with OSHA compliance, Office supplies, furniture, cleaning products and technology, Single-use, high-level disinfectant chemistry, Medication delivery cart system, Cardiac transducer for smart-device ultrasound, Medical Monitor Combines 4K and 3D Imaging

April 2017 Products Picks

Online post-operative patient engagement platform, 4K UHD surgical monitor, Handheld technology diabetic retinopathy screening, Medical device management platform, Percutaneous urinary drainage sets, Global virtual reality in the OR

March 2017 Products Picks

RFID-enabled surgical instrument tracking solution, Non-foam positioning pads for gynecological surgeries , Antimicrobial stacking step stool, Computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement software, Patient engagement technology, Device improves comfort during endometrial ablation procedure, New ACE Connector with ENFit technology for enteral feeding, Surgilube sterile bacteriostatic lubricant.

A primer on antibiotic-resistant superbugs and improving antibiotic stewardship

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that one out of every 25 hospitalized patients will contract a...

August 2016 Product Picks

Heated vest personal protective equipment, Four-hour rapid readout biological indicator for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization, Free-standing portable stadiometer, Apple iOS-compatible wireless oximeter, Clean and Dirty Locks for extra round soaker security, and PCA 7.0 Infusion System integrates with the electronic medical record .

January 2017 Product Picks

Hospital-grade keyboard with cleaning button and analytic software, System-wide clinician performance technology, Retractable cord reels with antimicrobial treatment, Two-way pager with encryption capabilities, Urine cup with dual click screw cap, Hygienic laundering certification program for healthcare textiles

100 Facts About Bed Bugs

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Once upon a time, bed bugs played little more than a bit part in a children's nursery rhyme. But since they scut tled out of obscurity into the limelight more than a decade ago, the American public has found it hard to sleep tight. Bed bugs have inspired everything from disgust and dread to myths and misconceptions - not to mention making their fair share of headlines.

September 2016 Product Picks

Single-use digital flexible ureteroscope, Advanced rapid protein test, Surgical Skin Markers, Gelling fiber advanced wound dressing, Vertical laminar flow workstation, PEPID for Windows, Surgical light handle covers, and Mid-volume Coagulation Analyzer.

EVS on the frontline of infection prevention

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The Environmental Services (EVS) Department is as critical to a healthcare facility's survival as rainfall is to the health of a forest...
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