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Certification and training

Certification and training

CS certification: Let 2017 be your year

Central Service (CS) professionals will benefit their careers, customers and patients by taking the initiative to become certified and not waiting for their state...

Celebrating success in SPD

Central Sterile/Sterile Processing Department (CS/SPD) professionals across the U.S. and across the globe are transforming their operations in the name of better patient care....

The Surgical Instrument Protection Team

CBSPD Expiration: August 31, 2021
IAHCSMM Expiration: August 2, 2019

Quality assurance for low-temperature sterilizers

CBSPD Expiration: July 31, 2021
IAHCSMM Expiration: July 5, 2019

Uncommon sense

With greater recognition of the patient safety risks presented by improperly processed surgical instruments and devices, the spotlight on central sterile/sterile processing departments (CS/SPD)...

TCO in the SPD

JULY 2016
CBSPD Expiration: June 30, 2021
IAHCSMM Expiration: June 7, 2019
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