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Instrument Cleaning/Maintenance

Instrument Cleaning/Maintenance

The full scope of instrument care

While sterile processing follows a logical series of steps — decontamination, cleaning and sterilization — so only safe and effective instruments reach the hands...

Instrument care tips

Preventative maintenance program tips Janice Reed CRCST, Interim SPD Manager for B.E. Smith, offers the following tips to CS/SPD professionals when implementing a preventative maintenance...

In pursuit of clean

It is common knowledge that a dirty surgical instrument cannot be sterilized. But effectively cleaning them prior to sterilization is no easy task. Failure...

The SPD force multiplier: Ultrasonic cleaning

CBSPD Expiration: December 31, 2021
IAHCSMM Expiration: December 7, 2019

Chemical warfare for instruments

It seems like every few months another story on “dirty” surgical instruments hits the media and causes shockwaves throughout the industry. These news reports...
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