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Surgical/Critical Care Services

Surgical/Critical Care Services

Assessing, scheduling with surgical precision

Successful operating rooms depend on the best OR scheduling tools and analytics programs to improve efficiency, consistency and fast turnover without sacrificing patient safety.

The evolution of analytics in OR scheduling

The cost of installing and maintaining an OR scheduling system that doesn’t deliver analytics is like buying a car without wheels.

Ounce of prevention, pound of cure

Clinical teams show how they’re reducing HAIs by implementing and sticking to best practices and adopting industry’s leading infection prevention products and services.


AORN expo starts on April Fool’s, HPN celebrates its 40th anniversary. Here’s some bumper snickers and T-shirt pundamentals to honor and revere the noble nursing profession.

Building strong collaboration between SPD and the OR

Breakdowns in communication are the single largest cause of sentinel events within healthcare each year per The Joint Commission. In fact, it is estimated...

Let’s clear the air

Invisible invaders are almost always lurking in the air, ready to make people sick — or sicker. Airborne pathogens in the healthcare setting, Legionella,...

Don’t choke back the smoke

No healthcare worker would dare light a cigarette on the job or accept that behavior from anyone else. In fact, smoking anywhere inside a...

Safe patient handling shouldn’t be a pain in the neck

What can you do? That’s just the way it is — it comes with the territory. In healthcare, as in life, we submit to...

Ten in 10 ahead

Last month, we highlighted 10 milestones from the last decade as Healthcare Purchasing News marked 40 years of service. This month we fast forward...

3M responds to “Patient warming heats up”

We applaud you for raising awareness for the importance of keeping patients warm (normothermic) before, during and after surgical procedures. However, as a company...
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