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Getting a handle on instrument storage

There is no shortage of options when it comes to keeping instruments protected and free of contaminates during storage and transport.

Loaner tray solutions

The CS/SPD at Eisenhower Army Medical Center grapples with instruments storage and tight quarters.

Review your Redo

Renovation success stories show how cutting edge products and best practices make the SPD safe, efficient and staff-friendly.

Fairview Supply Chain spotlights Sterile Processing

Fairview Health System’s CSSD occupies 8,000 square feet, reprocesses 465,000 sets and packages annually, and serves eight Fairview facilities and clinic groups.

Decontam is in the details

New guidance documents are on the horizon that will impact decontamination processes in central CS/SPD departments – and new products too.

Optimizing reprocessing

CS/SPD departments that have successfully improved their reprocessing turnover shared the practices, tools and services they use to achieve their goals.

Considering a higher level of quality for scopes

June 2017
CBSPD Expiration: May 31, 2022
IAHCSMM Expiration: April 30, 2020

Team LeeSar puts customers, patients first via Lean staff

The right motivation and philosophy, Lean-trained staff, well-designed processes, and best tools earned LeeSar HPN’s 2017 SPD Department of the Year award.

Validated? It’s complicated

The sterile processing community considers proposed efforts to standardize manufacturer IFUs for ease of use, to drive more effective cleaning/sterilization, and improve patient safety.

The full scope of instrument care

While sterile processing follows a logical series of steps — decontamination, cleaning and sterilization — so only safe and effective instruments reach the hands...