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Should Supply Chain be taking care of business?

How does a Supply Chain leader know if his or her operation is ready for a revenue-generating enterprise and when to take a leap of faith?

Making Supply Chain’s business case for generating revenue

Supply Chain experts share how to shape financial and operational pitches that sell.

Supply Chain’s Great Reawakening?

Supply Chain leaders show how to pursue risky revenue-generating ventures and succeed.

Who chooses the gatekeepers?

By 2010, the healthcare industry extended the need for credentialing via the HITECH Act to encompass all business associates entering and moving throughout the facility, including delivery services for flowers, packages and even pizza.

The Poll-It Bureau

The Joint Commission’s recently published study on how no industry consensus exists on what a “high-performing” healthcare delivery system means. In an industry that prides itself in pursuing the need for standards, the players could strive to accept and adopt standard definitions and parameters in a variety of areas.


Rick Dana Barlow reflects on a recent panel of dot-com executives exploring how online exchanges would revolutionize the healthcare supply chain.

Healthcare standards make a trip to the real world

Applying real world evidence can shed light on how well medical devices work in day-to-day clinical practice.

Supply Chain should apply DUE process to products, technology

Supply Chain needs to take on the role of providing product information in support of clinical decision-making, something our counterparts in pharmacy have done for years.

Fairview puts the ‘i’ in teamwork: Investment

Fairview Health Services – one of healthcare’s best and brightest departments demonstrating operational excellence – wins HPN’s 2017 Supply Chain Department of the Year award.

Teamwork touted by Fairview Supply Chain

The award-winning Supply Chain team at Fairview Health Services takes teamwork seriously enough that it issues Supply Chain Sound Bites newsletter to show why they matter.