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Getting a handle on instrument storage

There is no shortage of options when it comes to keeping instruments protected and free of contaminates during storage and transport.

Loaner tray solutions

The CS/SPD at Eisenhower Army Medical Center grapples with instruments storage and tight quarters.

Decontam is in the details

New guidance documents are on the horizon that will impact decontamination processes in central CS/SPD departments – and new products too.

Optimizing reprocessing

CS/SPD departments that have successfully improved their reprocessing turnover shared the practices, tools and services they use to achieve their goals.

Tools of the trade

Innovation and progress continues in the surgical instrument market as manufacturers improve on earlier generations and introduce novel technologies.

In pursuit of clean

It is common knowledge that a dirty surgical instrument cannot be sterilized. But effectively cleaning them prior to sterilization is no easy task. Failure...

Chemical warfare for instruments

It seems like every few months another story on “dirty” surgical instruments hits the media and causes shockwaves throughout the industry. These news reports...

Is that really clean?

CBSPD Expiration: October 30, 2021
IAHCSMM Expiration: October 4, 2019

Container complexities

To the average individual on the street, the topic of surgical instrument storage and containers seems like no big deal. How complicated can it...

Celebrating success in SPD

Central Sterile/Sterile Processing Department (CS/SPD) professionals across the U.S. and across the globe are transforming their operations in the name of better patient care....