April 2017 Products Picks


Online post-operative patient engagement platform

ON-Q TRAC, an online patient engagement platform by Halyard Health helps physicians and hospitals improve post-operative patient care by delivering real-time patient feedback. Patients enrolled in the platform before surgery provide information at various time intervals – from pre-operative through 90-days post-surgery – via a user-friendly survey completed on a desktop or mobile device. Using insights provided, physicians can proactively intervene and adjust patient care, which may include reducing opioid consumption, ER visits and hospital readmissions. ON-Q TRAC’s aggregate dashboards also allow hospital administrators to detect and analyze data, identify trends and adjust protocols quickly to ensure consistent standards of care. Those participating in the Comprehensive Total Joint Replacement program can also use the information to manage costs.

Halyard Health

4K UHD surgical monitor

The Olympus VISERA 4K UHD delivers 4x the resolution of HD with better light and a wider color spectrum, helping surgeons operate with increased precision and confidence while observing fine patterns and structures in high precision. The fully integrated 4K imaging chain brings OR personnel closer to the operation, displaying surgery on a 55-inch primary operative monitor. The VISERA 4K UHD provides advanced visualization for as many as 20M laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgeries performed each year. It also generates a wider color gamut by adopting the 4K color format (BT2020). This enables rich color reproducibility and suitable colors for each clinical discipline. 


Handheld technology diabetic retinopathy screening

The new Welch Allyn RetinaVue 100 Imager works in conjunction with the RetinaVue Network to make diabetic retinopathy screening in primary care settings practical and easy. The RetinaVue 100 Imager utilizes touchless auto-focus/image-capture technology and integrated image-quality assessment algorithms. It costs two-thirds less than full-size fundus cameras, yet the imager is designed so that any healthcare professional in a primary care practice can capture and transmit high-quality fundus images with minimal training. Images are reviewed by experts and a diagnostic report and referral/screening plan is delivered usually within 90 minutes. 

Welch Allyn

Medical device management platform

Active Insights from Unisys is a new, integrated medical device management platform that manages and monitors all of the medical devices within an organization. The software tracks device usage, detects and flags device problems, and includes RFI tracking for quick and easy device location for improved recall and maintenance. Data analytics capabilities allow users to review device performance trends, data usage and workflows to better anticipate future medical device needs, as well as head off unexpected downtime. It also tracks and traces device workflow, providing technicians and service personnel with improved device transparency so they can see where device data originated from, where it was sent, and display any resulting actions.


Percutaneous urinary drainage sets

Cook Medical has added two new sets for percutaneous urinary drainage to the Universa line. Each set includes a catheter and accessories for specific procedures. The Universa set options now available include introductory sets for initial catheter placement and suprapubic sets for suprapubic drainage. The Universa brand of urinary drainage products also includes ureteral stents and Foley catheters available in multiple sizes and configurations. 

Cook Medical

Global virtual reality in the OR

VRinOR by Mativision is a global virtual reality platform that provides healthcare professionals and medical students access to real-life immersive training content through an innovative 360° experience. Viewed on either Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, VRinOR enables experts to demonstrate complicated medical procedures, surgeries or emerging scientific advances in a safe environment to audiences of any size. The platform can be viewed live or on-demand and streamed simultaneously to multiple locations around the world. VRinOR is available on iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android, and Oculus.



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