clinical intelligence for supply chain leadership

How can we keep nurses from burning out?

While demand for nurses has long outpaced supply, the issue has reached a fever pitch in the past few years. The problem is twofold:...

Infection Prevention’s C-Suite spot

For the patient’s path to surgery, the OR represents the destination. Supply Chain and SPD represent the journey before and afterward – and everyone is accountable.

May is National High BP Education Month

When treating any disease, it is essential that the clinician and the patient are aligned and equally convinced on the need for change. Clinicians...

SPD beyond phenol phenom

Advocate Christ’s award-winning SPD team bills itself as doing “crucial work” in the “heart of the hospital.” To them, SPD stands for “Serving Patients Diligently.” This may be refreshingly atypical – but it shouldn’t be.


In October 2017, Globus Relief and ADRA International shipped 60 pallets of medical supplies to the Ministry of Health in Cote d’Ivoire...

Amazon Rising

Instead of expending energy and resources devising ways to defend against Amazon’s perceived encroachment on healthcare service providers, let Amazon do the heavy lifting as the first mover and follow their lead?

Addressing change fatigue

Most healthcare leaders acknowledge clinician burnout has reached a tipping point, according to a recent survey by the Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera....

HGPII chief aims to set GPO record straight about new, innovative product access

If you believe group purchasing organization critics during the last few decades, you likely get the impression that GPOs hold their provider members hostage...

Bootstraps bingo

The Houses of Jeff Bezos, Buffett and Dimon may be flush with resources but their collective declaration should grant healthcare organizations a hefty (and temporary) sigh of relief.


2017 HIGHLIGHTS $42 million in aid provided 42 countries served 39 developing countries Representing 1.9 billion people 2 new countries served Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kyrgyzstan 892 humanitarian...