clinical intelligence for supply chain leadership

Cultivating a culture of safety

Medical mistakes are also referred to as Never Events — and for an obvious reason — they should never happen. But they do. What can we do to stop them from happening?

June 2017 Product Picks

Mobile device disinfection solution, Pre-surgery nutrition, Instrument tip protectors, Electrosurgical knife for ESD procedures, Osteoarthritis knee pain treatment

Sunny skies for surging supply chain salaries

Compensation for healthcare supply chain professionals appears to be barreling full-steam ahead toward an occupational milestone, a barrier that may be breached by 2020.

Are supply chain salary spikes shortchanging potential?

Five prominent and recognized industry veterans share their viewpoints on compensation trends as part of HPN’s 40th anniversary.

Getting to the point of point of use

Yearning for universal device, equipment and process interoperability, Supply Chain and Surgical Services aim to implement goal in several ways.

Data as a chain linked fence protecting patients?

In an ideal world with information technology interconnectivity, device interoperability and universally implemented service and supply data standards, a patient’s journey through the healthcare facility from admission to discharge, check-ups and payment would be as fluid and flexible as possible with the secure electronic transmission data.

Optimizing reprocessing

CS/SPD departments that have successfully improved their reprocessing turnover shared the practices, tools and services they use to achieve their goals.

Considering a higher level of quality for scopes

June 2017
CBSPD Expiration: May 31, 2022
IAHCSMM Expiration: April 30, 2020

Handling explants; inspecting insulated instruments

Sterile processing expert Ray Taurasi fields questions about explants, insulated instrument care.  

Strategies for attaining a CS culture of excellence

Top tips from sterile processing manager Monique Jelks for building a CS culture based on positivity, effective engagement and enduring quality.