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Having a certified and thoroughly trained sterile processing staff is no longer just desirable but mandatory at a growing number of healthcare facilities.

Piedmont pushes performance measures beyond their limits

For their resilience, resolve and return on investment, Healthcare Purchasing News chose Piedmont Healthcare Supply Chain team as the 2018 Supply Chain Department of the Year.

Piedmont’s Supply Chain team shares milestones, mindsets that motivate success in...

Piedmont Healthcare’s Joe Colonna, VP, Supply Chain, discusses his team’s attitudes, motivations, and valuable insights on what helps them succeed.

Suppliers ignite, reinforce Piedmont’s winning ways

Find out which suppliers helped Piedmont Healthcare – HPN’s Supply Chain Department of the Year – reach award-winning status.

Striving for single source of truth

Piedmont Healthcare’s award-winning Supply Chain team’s single, standardized item master provides a set of standards for all facilities in the system to follow.

Piedmont basks in biomed glory, glow

In an effort to take more ownership in its biomedical engineering, capital equipment and diagnostic imaging assets and operations, Piedmont Healthcare opted to bring all of it in-house.

Supply Chain leaves stamp on quality, physician business

Piedmont Healthcare’s award-winning Supply Chain team sits on the IDN’s Quality, Safety and Service committee to work on reducing HAIs and other inpatient-hospital quality measures through products and services.

The terror of medical errors

Experts weigh in on why medical errors occur and what healthcare facilities must do to prevent never events.

PRODIGY study could confirm first-ever reliable predictor of OIRD in hospitalized...

New PRODIGY trial aims to help clinicians with a validated respiratory depression-risk prediction scoring tool — the first of its kind — for adult hospital patients receiving opioids..

A feeling for healing

There is no one-size-fits-all wound dressing. Today’s advanced technology allows for dressings and systems tailored for all types of skin and wound needs.