clinical intelligence for supply chain leadership

Supply Chain and Pharma’s karma chameleon

From a functional supply chain perspective, Pharmacy and Supply Chain represent two sides of the same coin. Each can – and should – learn something from the other.

Pharmacy, Supply Chain should not drive in the fast lane to...

After more than four decades in pharmacy operations, Marv Feldman knows a thing or two about Pharmacy and its relationship with Supply Chain.

Warm and comfortable

Two considerations for surgical patients are temperature management and pressure management – and if not attended to properly, both can cause a variety of adverse outcomes.

HAI solutions are right here … where are you?

If some facilities can achieve consistently low infection rates, why can’t all healthcare providers do the same?

VAP chat

Clinical experts discuss the latest guidelines, best practices and new products available for protecting ventilated and non-ventilated patients from developing hospital-associated pneumonia.

Immaculate perception

As surgical instruments themselves become more complicated, so do the processes and tools needed to clean them.

Is 100%3 still relevant for hospital SPDs?

January 2018
CBSPD Expiration: December 31, 2022
IAHCSMM Expiration: December 8, 2020

January 2018 Product Picks

Bleach Towelettes for cleaning and disinfection, Cost-saving MC Luminary HCF Cable, Flooring for healthcare facilities, SOMATOM go.Up CT System, Online sterile processing education

2018 IAHCSMM annual conference to shine light on pressing CS topics

Check out this abbreviated summary of 2018 IAHCSMM Conference & Expo in Phoenix, AZ.

Sterilizer maintenance; protecting the sterile field; establishing internal relationships

Ray Taurasi offers advice on sterilizer maintenance, sterile field best practices, and working productively with OR staff.