clinical intelligence for supply chain leadership

Clever carts and cabinets

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Today’s carts, storage units and workstations come with technology and upgrades to keep every department productive and efficient.

Is what you see what you get?

Require storage vendors to show visual representations of all aspects of new installations built to the needs and footprint of your facility and inventory.

July 2018 Product Picks

Real-time four-dimensional lung function imaging 4Dx’s four-dimensional lung function imaging analysis non-invasively measures lung function in real-time within the breathing lungs, enabling highly detailed maps...

Physicians charting new course into managing supply decisions

HPN bestows its P.U.R.E. award on those physicians and surgeons who have made solid contributions to supply chain operations — activities, practices and thinking.

Planning for pandemonium

Facilities must be prepared for all types of scenarios including but not limited to mass shootings; vehicle pile-ups; cyberattack; natural disasters such as hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake; or terrorist bombing or release of a biological weapon, or worst of all, infectious disease.

Reprocessing reformation

SPDs are challenged with making the most out of what they have; to uncover ways to improve reprocessing efficiency without skipping steps or jeopardizing quality.

Moisture events

Is quality management the cure?
July 2018
CBSPD Expiration: June 30, 2023
IAHCSMM Expiration: June 9, 2021

The time to outsource the SPD; Humidity standards

Ray Taurasi clears up some confusion about outsourcing and humidity standards.

Endoscope workshop delivers powerful, hands-on learning experience

IAHCSMM's Natalie Lind relates the learning experience from the 2018 Conference where endoscope and epidemiology experts lectured and hands on practice was offered in the furthering of best practices in each phase of endoscope reprocessing.

Capital gains from Supply Chain pains

When Supply Chain and those managing capital/facilities planning projects team up right from the get-go, the process runs rather smoothly. However, when they don’t, the challenges, hurdles and speed bumps ensue.