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Diligent defense against disease

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HPN’s annual infection prevention buyer’s guide details some of today’s preferred products and services designed to keep patients and healthcare workers protected against HAIs.

June 2018 Product Picks

Hydrating skin sanitizer and surface disinfectant derma glove, a division of Innovative Bioscience Solutions, is a newly launched line of skin dehydration formulas and surface...

Salary slip less a slide than a stumble

HPN’s exclusive annual survey shares salary and benefits based on experience and responsibility, industry and employer longevity, educational opportunity and location.

Data, diagnosis, drugs, and dedication

Health and industry experts weigh in on best strategies for developing and sustaining successful antibiotic stewardship programs.

Off-site need not be off-putting

Sterile processing professionals and industry experts show how to manage instruments off-site successfully with key considerations, best practices and insightful tips.

Safer scopes

JUNE 2018
CBSPD Expiration: May 31, 2023
IAHCSMM Expiration: May 10, 2021

Certification opens doors for quality, professionalism

Sterile processing professionals who are certified may have that something extra that healthcare employers are seeking: the “special ingredient” necessary for safe patient care.

Dishwashers vs. instrument washers; Reprocessing steps have unique differences

Ray Taurasi clears up some confusion about instruments washers and sterile processing terms and definitions.

Sharps safety calls for aggressive passive design

Safety-engineered devices should be the norm, not exception, advocates urge.

Understanding the point of sharps safety momentum through the years

Sharps safety advocates look back at progress made and the work that’s still needed to protect employees and patients from injury and illness.