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Past century mark, group purchasing wrestles with storied legacy

The first wave in group purchasing brought buyers together to save money, the second wave brought buyers and sellers together to save and make money together, and the current wave has buyers and sellers working together to save and make money faster and more efficiently than ever.

Ascension’s The Resource Group balances demand with delivery

As one of the leading group purchasing organizations in the nation, Ascension, through it’s the Resource Group division, proves that size matters but then, maybe it doesn’t.

Your partner in time

Today’s surgical scheduling technologies have evolved to do much more than connect Mr. Jones with Dr. Smith and her team for a knee replacement on Wednesday morning at 7:30.

Overturn your room turnover rationale

Employing an efficient room turnover strategy is tricky business but it can be done well with determination and strict compliance with established policies.

Abolishing bugs

Clinical teams working in healthcare organizations across the country are taking a variety of steps to keep patients infection-free and on their way to a better healing experience.

Target practice

End-users of IFUs say the instructions are often impossible to follow in their real-world environments as manufacturers struggle to develop standard sets for a widely varied staff and sterile processing equipment.

Industry activities aimed at IFU improvements

Industry expert discusses updates and brand-new standards for sterile processing processes.

Giving CS/SPD a voice in product/IFU development

For best outcomes, let sterile processing staff be involved in the decision-making process.

The impact of sterile processing functions on hospital reimbursement

March 2019
CBSPD Expiration: February 29, 2024
IAHCSMM Expiration: February 6, 2022

Monitoring and documenting seal integrity

Ray Taurasi advises sterile processing professionals on proper monitoring and documenting seal integrity of sealing peel pouches.