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HGPII chief aims to set GPO record straight about new, innovative...

If you believe group purchasing organization critics during the last few decades, you likely get the impression that GPOs hold their provider members hostage...

HIMSS Analytics announces collaboration to advance supply chain capacity in global...

HIMSS Analytics announced a collaboration with Dr. Anne Snowdon, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Chair of the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) and CEO...

Resilience parries with relevance

Providers are demanding more from GPOs as “disruptors” enter the market. HPN examines how the GPOs are delivering.

Vizient voices support for market competition, backs GPO future

Pete Allen, Vizient’s Executive Vice President, Sourcing Operations, proffers his company’s view on the competitive landscape now and going forward.

Premier pokes at market competition concerns, touts GPO service

Group purchasing organization Premier, Inc. issues a response to speculation that new entrants will disrupt the market.

Prevention intention

Infection preventionists and clinicians share best products and practices for preventing hospital-acquired infections in HPN’s annual infection prevention success stories.

New surgical products instrumental to enhancing OR experience

Medical device manufacturers continue to introduce new tools that surgeons need to perform today’s complex surgical procedures.

The pitfalls and triumphs of IFUs

HPN explores industry efforts to standardize IFU formats, IFU validation, the latest industry guidance, present real-world challenges and best practices from CS/SPD professionals.

Maintaining case cart & containers critical for safety, success

Industry experts agree sterilization containers and case carts aren’t always getting enough attention when it comes to maintenance – an oversight that can jeopardize patient and employee safety.

Super-heat explained; a sink in every room; healthcare air 101

Ray Taurasi fields questions from sterile processing professionals about super-heated steam, instrument air and hand-washing stations.
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