clinical intelligence for supply chain leadership

Future-ready Supply Chains may no longer be Mission: Impossible

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In a utopian world, a future-ready Supply Chain model might amount to one that runs itself … will today’s emerging technologies lead the way?

Safe and battle-ready

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Storing instruments until ready for use and transporting both clean and dirty instruments to and from clinical areas is integral to maintaining a safe, effective and efficient care environment.

The “Clean Team” gains esteem

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EVS departments are gaining a long-awaited seat at the table as peers look to them for expert insight on how to keep the healthcare environment clean and safe.

Show what you know

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Having a certified and thoroughly trained sterile processing staff is no longer just desirable but mandatory at a growing number of healthcare facilities.

Clever carts and cabinets

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Today’s carts, storage units and workstations come with technology and upgrades to keep every department productive and efficient.

Diligent defense against disease

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HPN’s annual infection prevention buyer’s guide details some of today’s preferred products and services designed to keep patients and healthcare workers protected against HAIs.

Keeping track pays you back

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Using a tracking device in the OR to scan supplies and capture data at the point-of-care is moving towards the norm.

Making haste with controlling waste

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Effectively managing a healthcare organization’s waste stream doesn’t always and totally involve used products.

EVS formula for success

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2017 Environmental Services Buyer's Guide: EVS teams are integral to an infection prevention strategy but to succeed they need strong support and access to effective products, training, and education.

EVS on the frontline of infection prevention

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The Environmental Services (EVS) Department is as critical to a healthcare facility's survival as rainfall is to the health of a forest...