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Real-world Success with UVC Disinfection

How Providence St. Peter Hospital Utilizes Tru-D SmartUVC
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With HAI rates increasing, more superbugs discovered each year and increased financial accountability for infection rates, it’s critical for hospitals to provide the cleanest environments possible to protect patients and staff from infections...

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Clostridium difficile in the Healthcare Environment

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The incidence of pediatric C. diff infections (CDIs) has increased dramatically over the last 2 decades, with a 12.5-fold increase in overall incidence and an 80% rise in CDI-related hospitalizations. According to a multistate prevalence survey of healthcare–associated infections published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a total of 481 pathogens were reported to account for 73.8% HAIs. Among the 481 pathogens, C. diff was the most common, responsible for 12.1% of reported HAIs.

Effectively Managing Manufacturers’ Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance Documents

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Manufacturers of reusable surgical instruments and biomedical equipment provide extensive guidelines for the care and maintenance of their products. These detailed directives include:
  • Instructions for Use (IFU) documents for reusable surgical instruments
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) Service Manuals for biomedical equipment

A New Era Demands Immediate Action: Reduce The Escalating Spread of Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens

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Prepare yourself against new and emerging antibiotic resistant pathogens, such as the ESKAPE bacteria. Learn how to select the right disinfectant to combat these pathogens, and how to prepare your facility against these dangerous drug-resistant strains. With fewer effective treatments available against these pathogens, preventing infection is key.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Resilient Flooring

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Look beyond initial cost by using Life-Cycle Costs Analysis to determine a floor’s total cost of ownership.

Whether it’s new construction, renovation or retrofit, flooring is a significant investment in any project. While tight budgets may influence specification, it’s important to take a comprehensive look at the cost of flooring materials over the course of their projected lifespan using Life-Cycle Cost Analysis.

An Approach to Improving the Quality and Consistency of Flexible GI Endoscope Reprocessing

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Transmission of pathogens by inadequately reprocessed flexible endoscopes is well documented in scientific literature and is recognized as a significant patient risk. This paper outlines a comprehensive approach to improving the quality and consistency of flexible endoscope reprocessing including more detailed training and support for reprocessing staff, use of rapid cleanliness indicators for each endoscope, use of terminal sterilization by ethylene oxide as a replacement for High Level Disinfection (HLD), and use of microbial monitoring audits.

A systematic approach to surgical hemostat use supports standardization and cost efficiencies

Taking a systematic approach to bleeding management, a large U.S. teaching hospital saves $169,000 after implementing the the Hemostasis Optimization Program (HOP).

Measuring the true value of flooring for healthcare.

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See how nora flooring brought patient, staff satisfaction to expansion at Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children.

Two years ago, Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children completed a bold expansion that included over 200,000 square feet of nora flooring. Now it’s time to take a look at the long-term impact of nora floors—from a 30% increase in patient satisfaction to 75% increase in labor efficiency. See post-occupancy evaluation (POE) data and take a closer look at the ways nora has improved outcomes for Nemours.

Researching the Right Disinfectant for Your Facility Without Damaging Instruments or Surfaces

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This whitepaper discusses the importance of surface disinfectants in the struggle against HAIs, and the importance of making sure those disinfectants are effective while safe on clinical surfaces.  This paper presents thirteen questions to consider when selecting a disinfectant, such as contact time and surface compatibility...

Driving Productivity with Simulation: A Central Sterile Department’s Success

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The Surgical department of a hospital system was growing rapidly through the addition of a Women's Center and expanding their surgical programs. Their 37 ORs were supported by a Sterile Processing Department that recognized productivity improvements were necessary to meet the increasing surgical caseload....