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August 2018 Product Picks

Sterile processing labeling system, Powered respirator, Disposable single-patient stethoscope, Portable breast ultrasound system, Single nasal cannula

Show what you know

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Having a certified and thoroughly trained sterile processing staff is no longer just desirable but mandatory at a growing number of healthcare facilities.

Clever carts and cabinets

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Today’s carts, storage units and workstations come with technology and upgrades to keep every department productive and efficient.

July 2018 Product Picks

Real-time four-dimensional lung function imaging 4Dx’s four-dimensional lung function imaging analysis non-invasively measures lung function in real-time within the breathing lungs, enabling highly detailed maps...

Diligent defense against disease

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HPN’s annual infection prevention buyer’s guide details some of today’s preferred products and services designed to keep patients and healthcare workers protected against HAIs.

June 2018 Product Picks

Hydrating skin sanitizer and surface disinfectant derma glove, a division of Innovative Bioscience Solutions, is a newly launched line of skin dehydration formulas and surface...

May 2018 Product Picks

Eco-friendly silent vacuum, Point-of-care mammography system, Sonic tank hook, Percutaneous tenotomy system for chronic tendon pain, Ultrasound gel warmer, Sustainable needle counter

April 2018 Product Picks

Scrub management system, Shared decision-making playbook, Post-free distraction system for hip arthroscopy, Wearable locater system, Healthcare mobile computer

March 2018 Product Picks

Custom-printed bouffant and scrub caps, Triclosan alternatives for hand hygiene, Ceiling supply units, ENFit filtered blunt needle for vial access of oral/enteral medications, Nationwide Lactation Consultant Directory

February 2018 Product Picks

New brush for cleaning lumens, Medical garment protects central line and catheter devices, Sterile, multi-purpose lubricating jelly, Powder absorbable hemostat, Free CEU educational game for sterile processing professionals, Mobile app connects physicians with CDI-coding departments