Endoscope Product Spotlights



STERIS Instrument Management Services provides an easy, cost-effective way to proactively inspect your flexible endoscopes: the Flexible PMI Kit. This kit will help you identify scopes in need of immediate repair and assist with The Joint Commission’s requirements for diagnostic equipment. Contact us to schedule your no charge Proactive Maintenance Inspection of your flexible endoscope inventory.

Cygnus Medical

Oasis Scope Transport Tray Single-Use Rigid Containment
Lapses in the cleaning of reusable endoscope transport trays can lead to cross-contamination in the surgical work area. Bedside cleaning is performed within the Oasis Tray, keeping residual run-off contained. Features: • Single-Use and disposable. • Made of a biodegradable plant-based material. • Space efficient, stackable and nestable. • The color-coded, reversible lid clearly differentiates clean and soiled scopes. • Contact Cygnus Medical at 800.990.7489 to learn more.a

Innovative Sterilization

ONE TRAY is an FDA Cleared Rigid Container providing Terminal Sterilization in 4 min. prevac cycle (3+ Pulses), with no dry time required. Provide ONE STANDARD of CARE by eliminating IUSS, and save money by reducing purchases of redundant instrumentation and processing loaners in 20 minutes. Invest in the best!!

oneSOURCE document site

Your Manufacturers’ Instruction for Use (IFU) Documents are just one click away at oneSOURCEdocs.com. Your entire facility will be compliance-ready with online access to thousands of up-to-date manufacturer and Tech Ready documents for cleaning reusable surgical instruments and devices.  For more information, call 1-800-701-3560 or visit our website, www.onesourcedocs.com.


Disposable Valve Set eliminates the need for manual cleaning and reprocessing valves. The set is one-time use to prevent cross contamination and helps create consistent practices, reducing the potential for errors. Color–coded for easy identification, the GUARDIAN Valve Set contains one each of air/water, suction, and biopsy valves. Compatible for use in Olympus 140/160/180/190/240 and 260 endoscope series, the disposable valve set also enables compliance with a number of society guidelines.

Mobile Instrument Service & Repair

Mobile Instrument is the nation’s largest, full-service equipment repair and maintenance company serving hospitals and surgery centers since 1978. Mobile provides rigid and flexible endoscope repair for all manufacturers’ makes and models, even those deemed obsolete. Mobile is a contracted supplier for all major GPOs providing quality repairs at the best possible pricing available. Extensive loaner inventories are maintained with loaners provided at no charge. Contact Mobile Instrument Repair at 800-722-3675.

Pure Processing

Pure Processing is your endoscope reprocessing partner, providing solutions for your endoscopy needs. Our PureStation Four Tier Cart is one way we’re getting greater reprocessing capabilities without sacrificing safety or space. Scopes can are easily transported with minimal handing while adding extra vertical space for staging and reprocessing. Learn more at www.pure-processing.com.


KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc.

KARL STORZ, a leader for nearly 70 years in endoscopy technologies, provides high-quality optics, including rigid endoscopes and flexible fiberscopes, as well as precision instrumentation. Our HOPKINS rod-lens technology continues to represent the optics of choice for surgeons in many specialties, offering optimal light distribution, high contrast and optimum resolution.


The 3M Clean-Trace ATP Cleaning Monitoring System provides real-time cleaning efficacy data to clearly indicate whether an endoscope or other surgical instrument has been adequately cleaned prior to further reprocessing. Learn how to establish a routine cleaning monitoring program for flexible endoscopes, as recommended in standards and guidelines, at go.3M.com/ATPMonitoring.



ScopeValet CleanStart Bedside Kit Enhanced with BIOCLEAN TECHNOLOGY is ready to use in a user friendly pouch that removes all contaminants, including synthetic lipids, from the outside sheath and inside channel of scopes. The kit contains a contoured Endozime SLR sponge to remove soil from the insertion tube and Endozime SLR enzymatic solution for suctioning through the channels. CleanStart Bedside Kit is available in 250ml and 500ml pouch sizes. The product makes cleaning easier, preventing dried on soil before the scope is transported for reprocessing.




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