February 2017 Product Picks



hovermatt-spu-with-htair1200Single-patient use air transfer system

Designed to be multifunctional, the HoverMatt Single-Patient Use (SPU) Air Transfer System makes patient transfers, boosting, positioning and proning easier, while protecting caregiver safety. Using air-assisted technology, once the mattress is inflated, a cushion of air beneath the HoverMatt SPU reduces the force required to move a patient by 80 percent to 90 percent, enabling caregivers to safely transfer patients without lifting or straining. By reducing injuries related to patient handling, the HoverMatt SPU also helps to improve staff retention. The system also reduces the risk of cross contamination and eliminates the need for outside laundering services.



kem-medicalppThermal Transfer Resin Ribbons

KemSure Premium Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbons by Kem Medical Products offer premium quality at a fraction of the cost of brand named ribbons. Developed, tested and proven specifically for instrument tracking and asset management systems KemSure Premium Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbons deliver maximum performance, value and convenience.

Kem Medical Products


summitppSterile processing instrument care and maintenance tools

Summit Medical Inc.’s new Instrusafe Care + Maintenance Products offer sterile processing professionals a variety of protection, cleaning and identification solutions such as assorted tip protectors, brushes and identification tapes. Other products include InstruZyme Gel to assist in the removal of blood, tissue, mucus and other proteinaceous materials, point guards to prevent holes and tears in sterilization wrap, web guards for protecting endoscopes and related, accessories, sterile packaging markers, locking tags and more. InstruSafe Care + Maintenance Products are meant to serve as part of a preventative maintenance plan to help minimize the need to replace costly instruments.

Summit Medical Inc.


healthmark-arm_sleevsArm sleeves for sterile processing

Healthmark Industries added the new Arm Sleeve to its personal protection equipment accessory product line. The sleeve meets AORN guidelines which state that arms of sterile processing professionals must be covered when they are preparing and packaging sterile items in the clean assembly area. Designed as an alternative to the traditional long-sleeved scrub top or jacket, the machine washable arm sleeves are a one-size that fits a bicep of 10-14 inches. The sleeves are made from a fast-drying, moisture-wicking polyester material, featuring an elastic gripper to prevent the sleeve from sliding down the user’s arm. Available in blue, green and pink solid colors.

Healthmark Industries

lenkbarFlexMetric surgical shaft

Flexible shaft technology from Lenkbar LLC is now available in a single-use acetabular drill for total hip replacement surgery. The new surgical shaft gives surgeons the ability to shape their tools to the situations before them. Variable angle Fighting Dovetail links power the patented FlexMetric shaft. Because the dovetail links are segmental and interlocked, the FlexMetric drill navigates the angles the surgeon desires while retaining the shaft strength the surgeon needs in either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. The unique design results in optimal, tactile control and predictability.

Lenkbar LLC

Customized endoscopy kits

Cardinal Health endoscopy kits can be configured to deliver procedural products needed at the patient’s bedside while helping to promote practice standardization and efficiency. Following the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Inc. (SGNA) guidelines, components support bedside pre-cleaning with enzymatic filled sponges, basins, scope transport bags. Kits can also include manual cleaning components, including channel and valve cleaning brushes, which help reduce the risk of patient infection and increase staff safety in the GI suite.

Cardinal Health



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