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Environmental Services Products Guide 2017

The “Clean Team” gains esteem

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Environmental Services: A critical partner in the fight against infection

Some healthcare facilities are beginning to realize that running a hierarchical system, with different departments laboring separately in silos, doesn’t work very well in a value-based healthcare environment. Organizations that are serious about reducing infections, readmissions, reimbursement penalties, and staff turnover know that cooperation, teamwork, inclusivity and transparency are essential tenets to follow. This means, for a growing number of environmental service (EVS) departments, the time has come for them to feel genuinely welcomed and needed at the table for expertise and insight on keeping the healthcare environment clean and safe.

OR and EVS: Working with, not against, each other

Wiping out misconceptions about cleaning cloths

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Infection Prevention Buyers Guide 2018

Diligent defense against disease

Avoiding the perils and pitfalls on the path to better outcomes

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Personal Protection Purchasing Guide 2017

PPE is smarter than ever. How smart are you?

What HCWs need to know about effective use of today’s PPE

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Sharps Safety Guide 2015

On point: Safety requires sharp practices, products

With all of the guidelines, legislation and regulation designed to prevent/protect against sharps injuries you’d expect to see a decline in incidents by now.

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Sterile Processing Equipment/Technology Guide 2018

All things optimal
Best practices demand high-performance on all aspects of sterile processing

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Surgical Instruments Source Guide 2018

New surgical products instrumental to enhancing Operating Room experience

As long as the demand for more complex surgical procedures continues, manufacturers will continue to develop the products that surgeons need to perform them. Tools of the trade Surgical instruments evolve in pursuit of efficiency, efficacy and safety

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