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Environmental Services Products Guide 2017

EVS formula for success

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2017 Environmental Services Buyer’s Guide: EVS teams are integral to an infection prevention strategy but to succeed they need strong support and access to effective products, training, and education.

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Infection Prevention Buyers Guide 2017

Progress against pathogens is promising though preliminary

Include people and products in your attack against HAIs.

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Personal Protection Purchasing Guide 2017

PPE is smarter than ever. How smart are you?

What HCWs need to know about effective use of today’s PPE

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Sharps Safety Guide 2015

On point: Safety requires sharp practices, products

With all of the guidelines, legislation and regulation designed to prevent/protect against sharps injuries you’d expect to see a decline in incidents by now.

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Sterile Processing Equipment/Technology Guide 2017

Sterile processing gears up for quality performance
Central Services /Sterile Processing Departments are more focused and diligent than ever in the effort to eliminate errors and improve patient safety.

2017 SPD Equipment & Technology Vendors

Surgical Instruments Guide 2017

Tools of the trade

Surgical instruments evolve in pursuit of efficiency, efficacy and safety

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