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February 2011


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February 2011 COVER 


revenue cycle imageFusing revenue cycle, supply chain data

When it comes to connecting supply chain and revenue cycle data operations, simple plug-and-play has yet to be mastered. Budgetary and economic pressures may be attracting C-suite interest in the option, and software vendors may be poised with product offerings, but not even demand and supply seem to be making waves.

Operating Room
Wound­Vision Thermal Imaging System

Patient-safety devices thwart medical error

A campaign for patient safety with concerted attention in the operating room has been building steadily since the Institute of Medicine’s famous report in 1999. Accessibility and adoption of appropriate clinical techniques and technologies have kept pace, starting with the preoperative period.


Infection Prevention

Infection Preventionist in isolation gownClinicians armor up with PPE to battle infections

Like Batman without his cape and utility belt, a healthcare worker without the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is no match for the villainous pathogens and superbugs encountered on a daily basis.

PPE Vendor Chart

PPE Product Spotlights

CS Connection

Vendors, providers scan progress, potential in instrument tracking

Only two weeks after a major medical center installed an instrument tracking system it found itself in the throes of a major infection crisis that tested clinical patience and its instrument tracking system to pinpoint the questionable trays and on which patients they were used.

Self Study Series
FAQs from 2010 3M Sterilization
Assurance Techline

IAHCSMM Viewpoint

CS Solutions
Sterile talcum powder; processing loaner orthopedic sets;
brush use and maintenance

Products and Services

Match game ’11: Tapping the electronic manual

Electronic invoicing and accounts payable automation effectively may close the loop between supply chain operations and AP,
but it also may encourage revving up the fog machine. Forward-minded supply chain managers may rely on both to resolve matching errors, manage exceptions and eliminate manual data entry. Or at least they’re making plans for it.

What Works
Cleaner option for high-touch TV remotes
helps reduce contamination rates

People & Opinions

Fast Foreward

Standard Practices
Putting standards into practice
by MJ Wylie

SMI’s Fall 2010 Forum – Transitioning!

Back Talk
Crafting a vision to optimize supply chain success
by Robert T. Yokl

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