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Elite 18 spice up supply chain spectacle

From clinical, financial and operational perspectives, the healthcare supply chain definitely is worth watching because outside of healthcare it consistently earns a near-the-top slot on C-suite agendas. So we decided to shine a spotlight on those organizations achieving noteworthy, if not remarkable, self-reported results, by highlighting some of their accomplishments and goals in an easy-to-read, educational and entertaining format. See who made this year’s list.



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Key excerpts from our
2012 Industry Guide:

Achieving operational efficiency:
Doing better with less

Healthcare reform will realign supply chain with C-suite

GPO Headliners 2011

Capital Equipment Planning Services

Associations and Trade Groups

Operating Room
Salaries for OR professionals rebound

While the surgeon, or the anesthesiologist, may be the face that patients remember most from their operating room experience, few may realize the critical role played by those working behind the scenes in OR management. Thankfully this year, compensation rates seem to remember them, according to respondents to the latest Healthcare Purchasing News OR Management Salary Survey.

Infection Prevention
Hospitals feel heat in managing patient temperature

Two years ago healthcare facilities began operating on patients under an updated normothermia measure that applied to patients of all ages undergoing surgical procedures under general or neuraxial anesthesia of 1 hour or longer duration. Facilities that do not operate within the measure’s parameters can risk a patient’s health and reflect poorly in their bottom line.


Self Study Series
Class 6 sterility assurance technologies

CS Solutions
Reprocessing single use clamps; transporting soiled instruments

IAHCSMM Viewpoint

CS Connection

Equipping clinicians properly for maximum patient benefit

Clinicians, doctors and surgeons require flexible and rigid endoscopes and related devices and accessories that have been reprocessed and repaired to the point of being reliable and comfortably familiar. It’s a simple notion with complex circumstances that can reverberate through life and must not be taken lightly. For tips from the professionals to keep those costly endoscopic instruments primed and ready for action, turn to Healthcare Purchasing News’ 2011 Endoscope Care Guide.


Choosing between OEMs and ISOs for repair services

Five primary cost saving tips

Handling reprocessing breakdowns before they happen

Instrument inspections made easier

Maintenance and repair secrets that will save you money

Maintenance and repair services

Myths debunked about scope processing

The inherent dangers of reprocessed residue

Understanding manufacturer reprocessing instructions

Warning signs your endoscopes may need service

When the FDA halts the use of your processing technology

Products and Services

Suite rewards: Advanced OR imaging bolsters outcomes

Operating rooms in some of the nation’s leading-edge healthcare institutions are taking on a new identity thanks to the integration of advanced and converged imaging modalities that enable clinicians to precisely visualize and gather critical anatomical data during the procedure, all without having to move the patient from the surgical suite to a separate imaging department.

What Works
Automating the perioperative supply chain for sustained ROI

New Products

People & Opinions

Fast Foreward

Supply chain efficiency, GTIN a package deal
by Allen Esses

Having My Say
Clinicians in supply chain management?
by James Russell

Standard Practices
Industry education and resources key to global data
standards enablement
by MJ Wylie

Back Talk
Controlling PO-less supply, service purchases
by David S. Kaczmarek

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