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April 2013

New Products
Surgical lap sponge USB microscope High-level disinfectant

SurgiCount Medical introduces a new proprietary surgical sponge. The patent protected SAFE-T Lap is designed to allow for improved visibility during surgery and enhanced X-ray detectability. The SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System is clinically proven to help eliminate retained surgical sponges and decrease the occurrences of misplaced and miscounted sponges, enabling hospitals to perform fewer X-rays related to this issue. The SAFE-T Lap is designed to provide a more easily visible lap sponge both during use in surgery and for those times when the established clinical standard of an X-ray is the best course of action for the safety of the patient.

Healthmark offers a new USB Microscope (MICR0007) that delivers improved image quality, and features which enhance the ability to closely inspect surgical instruments. This product helps ensure quality control for the CSSD by close visual inspection of reprocessed instruments. The USB microscope has a 2M pixels LENS and CMOS sensor along with a magnification ratio of 5x-270x. The device comes with an aluminum stand which makes inspection much easier by freeing up both hands. The 8mm diameter design allows inspection in some cannulated items, including orthopedic shavers. The camera function used with the supplied software, allows you to capture still and video images when inspecting the instruments for documentation purposes.

Cantel Medical launches RAPICIDE OPA/28, an ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) based high-level disinfectant for semi-critical medical devices, to multiple segments of the healthcare market. A 510(k) cleared product by the FDA, RAPICIDE OPA/28 offers a reuse period for up to 28 days, twice the reuse life of all OPA-based disinfectants currently available, and the fastest manual disinfection time at 10 minutes at room temperature. RAPICIDE OPA/28 is a convenient, ready-to-use high-level disinfectant that can disinfect a wide range of endoscopes and other heat sensitive semi-critical medical devices. The product is produced and sold via Cantel Medical Corp.�s subsidiaries: MEDIVATORS Inc., Crosstex International, and SPSmedical.

Patient Safety Technologies/ SurgiCount Medical

Healthmark Industries Co. Inc.

Cantel Medical Corp.
Low-profile healthcare scale Material handling automation Cooled RF system
for cervical joint pain

DETECTO�s new SlimPRO digital flat scale provides clinical-grade weighing accuracy and durability. The extra-wide 17-in x 14.5-in platform accommodates all sizes of patients and the large 1.5-in high digits on the LCD are easy to read. The SlimPRO�s high 440-lb capacity allows for bariatric weighing with an accuracy of 0.2-lb increments. The SlimPRO features a built-in carrying handle for portability, 5-second weight hold, foot pads for weighing on any surface (even carpets), 4 AAA batteries (included), Auto On/Off, pounds-kilograms units switching, easy-to-clean surface, and low-profile 1.4-in/36-mm slim depth for easy step-on weighing. An RS232 serial port allows connectivity with DETECTO�s optional P50 thermal tape printer or EMR/EHR software.

Adept Technology, a provider of intelligent robots and autonomous mobile solutions, launches the Adept Lynx. Lynx is a self-navigating Autonomous Indoor Vehicle (AIV) designed for moving material from point to point in challenging environments that may include confined passageways as well as dynamic and peopled locations. Given the vehicle�s intuitive user interface, the system can be customized for various applications and payloads by integrators, distributors, and users alike. Healthcare is one of the many industries already realizing attractive returns on invested capital through the use of mobile robots from Adept. The Lynx AIV supports payloads up to 60kg, utilizes digital map for localization and manages power and self charging operations.

Kimberly-Clark�s CERVICOOL Cooled Radiofrequency (RF) System is an innovative option for helping resolve cervical facet joint pain.CERVICOOL is designed to address the unique anatomy of the cervical joints by employing water-cooled technology to provide larger lesions than standard radiofrequency. This can help address nerve path variability in the cervical spine. Kimberly-Clark worked in collaboration with a board of physician consultants to design and develop the technologically advanced CERVICOOL Cooled RF System. Designed to empower physicians, CERVICOOL Cooled RF System enables different approaches including perpendicular, oblique or parallel approaches to the cervical joint. CERVICOOL Cooled RF is available immediately in two size configurations.


Adept Technology Inc.

N95 respirator/surgical mask Wireless temperature
tracking system
Latex-free exam gloves

Ansell�s latest addition to its Active Infection Protection (AIP) portfolio, the GAMMEX N95 Respirator and Surgical Mask, extends the AIP range beyond surgical gloves. This new mask is the first to utilize a hybrid technology that incorporates the comfort of a standard surgical mask with the protection of a respirator. Its patented Breathable Face Seal allows air to circulate through the top, bottom and sides of the respirator, ensuring maximum breathability. It filters out 95% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size, exceeding the worldwide standard for respirators of 0.3 microns set by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), US FDA, and Health Canada, and also offers TYPE II fluid resistance.

TempTrak enterprise wireless monitoring system now offers the fastest, most secure Wi-Fi transmitters on the market today. New 802.11 b/g/n platform runs up to 72 Mbit/sec and PeaPv0 (PEAP) robust network security protects highly sensitive data. These new wireless transmitters feature visual and audio alarm indicators for local notification within range. Buffer storage holds up to 4,096 samples with on-board battery backup and external power source available and can be used in conjunction to avoid data interruption if power fails. All Wi-Fi b/g/n transmitters now feature an extended battery life and offer on-site NIST traceability testing.

Cardinal Health�s Flexal Feel Nitrile Exam Gloves, the lightest-weight glove in its exam glove portfolio, offer the comfort and protection of a nitrile glove with the tactile sensitivity of a latex one. Their form fitting, lighter feel promotes natural hand movement. These powder-free gloves also feature a textured fingertip that provides enhanced grip over traditional nitrile gloves without compromising reliability or durability. They provide an environmentally friendly alternative to latex and nitrile gloves currently available in the market. The lightweight gloves are packaged 300 per box (250 per box for size XL), helping reduce waste, while box dimensions remain the same to fit standard glove box holders.


Cooper-Atkins Corporation

Cardinal Health

Healthcare headset Swappable battery Hospital grade disinfectant/cleaner

Quail Digital Healthcare Headset is a high-quality, digital, hands-free, wireless headset system for up to 12 clinicians and physicians to improve team communication in surgical suites, cath labs and other essential procedure facilities. It is simple to use, �plug and play� and license free. The headset weighs just 1.8oz and comes with both headband and neckband for choice and comfort. Charge time is 2.5 hours and talk time from a fully charged is 7 hours. The system operates on the high quality 1.88-1.90 GHz digital DECT frequency band and multiple systems can be used in the same premises without interference. The headset uses noise cancelling technology and operates Vox, talk-lock and push-to-talk modes as standard.

Anton/Bauer MPS announces that its new DIONIC 270 battery, which has received UL 2054 certification, is now shipping. The robust 270Wh Li-Ion battery is the industry�s highest-performing swappable battery, delivering up to 10 amps of power by utilizing components originally designed for military operations. The DIONIC 270 is available as part of the company�s patented HotSwap product line that can be found in hospitals throughout the U.S. and Europe as they power mobile medical devices including workstations-on-wheels, medical carts, patient monitoring systems and other critical care devices.

Bleach-Rite Spray has been approved by the EPA for killing Clostridium Difficile (C. difficile) spores on hard, non-porous surfaces in 5-minute contact time. Bleach-Rite Spray hospital grade disinfectant/cleaner is ready-to-use at the 1:10 dilution of bleach recommended by the CDC, OSHA, and NCCLS. The bleach solution is stabilized for an extended shelf life with the expiration date on every bottle. Useful in clinical areas where there is a threat of contamination from C. difficile spores; including bathrooms and patient rooms. Available in 16 oz. and 32 oz. spray bottles and 64 oz. and 1 gallon bottles.

Quail Digital

Anton/Bauer MPS

Current Technologies Inc.