January 2017 Product Picks


Hospital-grade keyboard with cleaning button and analytic software

Winner of AHE’s 2016 Innovation of the Year, Key Source International’s (KSI’s) LinkSmart Keyboard, powered by San-a-Key software, is a user-defined keyboard monitoring system designed to aid in the control of cross contamination and spread of germs at the clinical desktop. LinkSmart features a smooth, crevice-free surface that prevents dirt penetration. A patented cleaning button disengages keys for easy disinfection. Hospital administrators can get real-time San-a-Key analytics that identify where, when and by whom keyboards have been cleaned. Scheduled reminders are pushed to the desktop, ensuring keyboards are disinfected 24/7.


Key Source International (KSI)

System-wide clinician performance technology

The new Clinician Performance Management solution by Premier Inc. tracks system-wide activity across the care continuum. It compares outcomes with peers and national benchmarks to estimate financial impact of future reimbursements and prioritizes areas of improvement. The solution integrates acute and ambulatory clinician performance data, projects the impact of pertinent payment programs, including the Quality Payment Program. It compares outcomes with national and organization-specific benchmarks at the clinician, service line and network levels and obtains continuing education credits for clinicians. This solution taps into clinical information on 40 percent of U.S. hospital discharges and is the first to be NCQA eCQM-certified for HEDIS data collection.

Premier Inc.

Retractable cord reels with antimicrobial treatment

Hunter Spring’s DuraReel medical cord reels for hospitals and the medical device industry are easy to clean and contain a permanent antimicrobial additive that continuously protects the reel from mold, mildew and odor. An automatic pawl and ratchet system securely locks the cord at a desired length. A slight tug starts the retraction mechanism and standard ball stop keeps the cord within easy reach. The DuraReel, suitable for use with mobile x-ray carts, lighting carts, telemedicine carts, and other mobile workstations provides an ergonomic solution to power and data cable management needs and has also been tested specifically in environments containing E. Coli and Staph microorganisms.


Hunter Spring

Two-way pager with encryption capabilities

Spok Inc.’s new T52 pager supports communication with smartphones, pagers, handhelds, PCs, and other two-way devices, allowing healthcare teams to stay connected regardless of the devices in use. With the enabled encryption service from Spok, the T52 supports secure messaging and helps healthcare organizations meet HIPAA compliance requirements. The T52 supports message encryption using the industry standard AES-128 encryption algorithm. Each device is programmed with a unique key. Messages are encrypted as they enter the Spok network and are sent over the air to the device, where they are decrypted for display to the user.



Urine cup with dual click screw cap

Sarstedt’s new 90ml screw cap urine cup with a tri-sensory proof-of-closure system offers dual “click” sounds that can be heard and two bumps felt as the cap reaches the correct sealed position on the cup. Leak-resistant closure is confirmed visibly when cap arrows align within a molded torque zone on the cup. Made of robust polypropylene and 95kPa certified for leak-resistance, the cups are suitable for pneumatic tube and air transport. Stackable dual click cups feature a patient information label with tamper-evident tab and are sterile.



Sarstedt Inc.

Hygienic laundering certification program for healthcare textiles

NSF International launched a new certification program for commercial laundering operations to verify their effectiveness in disinfecting and cleaning bedding, towels, hospital gowns and other textiles used in healthcare operations to ensure removal of pathogens and other bacterial organisms. NSF P467, the second consensus-based protocol developed under the NSF Commercial Laundering Certification Program, verifies that laundering facilities have quality control measures in place to ensure that textiles are laundered by a commercial laundering process that is capable of consistently removing potential pathogens or other unacceptable bacterial organisms.


NSF International



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