July 2018 Product Picks


Real-time four-dimensional lung function imaging

4Dx’s four-dimensional lung function imaging analysis non-invasively measures lung function in real-time within the breathing lungs, enabling highly detailed maps of lung ventilation patterns and airflow to pinpoint identification of deficits in ventilation. X-ray images are acquired simultaneously from different directions on existing hospital X-ray imaging systems. Using image-processing methods adapted from aerospace engineering, the movement of the lung tissue from each view is collectively tracked, and 4Dx’s proprietary algorithms combine this information to reconstruct the flow of air throughout all airways of the lung. Reports & analysis are delivered via 4Dx’s secure portal.


Antimicrobial barrier cap

The single-use ClearGuard HD Antimicrobial Barrier Cap from Pursuit Vascular has been cleared for sale in the U.S. recently and given a new product code by the FDA. The Barrier Cap is for use in hemodialysis catheters to reduce hub infection. The simple-to-use cap features a rod that extends into the hemodialysis catheter hub. The rod and cap threads are coated with chlorhexidine and clinically shown to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infection. The antimicrobial coating is activated when inserted into a liquid-filled catheter hub and dissolves to kill harmful microorganisms inside catheter hub.

Pursuit Vascular

AI facial-recognition security surveillance

The AICam by Kogniz offers fully autonomous surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence that identify people and threats in real-time, using video-based facial recognition and object detection. AICam is based on the Kogniz Edge Platform, a unique combination of advanced camera processing and cloud services. This architecture allows cameras to be added on-demand without any additional hardware or infrastructure, with multiple cameras working in unison to provide cross-location people identification and recognition.


Cardiac monitoring and diagnosis tool

Biotricity’s Bioflux is a real-time, high-precision mobile cardiac telemetry solution to assist in the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias, enhance patient outcomes, improve patient compliance, and curb healthcare costs. The Bioflux system provides a complete solution for cardiac monitoring and diagnosis, consisting of the Bioflux device, proprietary software, and a 24/7 monitoring center that merges with physicians’ existing platforms and workflows while extending the support a patient receives at a care facility into the patient’s home. The device monitors ECG in near real-time, constantly analyzing and collecting data on the device and periodically uploading to the cloud via embedded cellular technology.


Predictive analytics for machine log data

Glassbeam machine data analytics brings structure to complex data generated from any connected machine in the industrial IoT industry. When applied to complex healthcare products such as MRI machines, Glassbeam can increase uptime to more than 99 percent and save millions on maintenance costs. The patented technology can build analytics from Log data in a single step. The next generation cloud-based platform is designed to analyze multi-structured data, delivering solutions on customer support and product intelligence. Its predictive analytics can detect performance anomalies and alert engineers to take proactive steps to address and prevent failures.





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