LeeSar Regional Service Center wins Healthcare Purchasing News’ 2017 SPD of the Year Award


Healthcare Purchasing News has named the Sterile Processing Department team at LeeSar Regional Service Center in Fort Meyers, FL this year’s Central Service/Sterile Processing and Distribution Department of the Year Award recipient. HPN will present LeeSar with this year’s award on Monday, May 8, during the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) 2017 Annual Conference & Expo in Nashville, TN.

LeeSar Central Sterile Processing is a central off-site reprocessing center that services Lee Health system’s four acute care hospitals and two specialty hospitals with a total of 1,462 beds. They serve over 50,000 surgical patients and process over 250,000 trays annually for a total of more than 8 MILLION instruments.

The impressive outcomes achieved at LeeSar Central Sterile Processing prove once again how vital SPD departments are to the healthcare delivery system for improving patient safety and making operations across the board more efficient and cost effective.

“LeeSar’s SPD team clearly understands and demonstrates the value of providing properly cleaned and sterilized instruments to surgeons as it impacts the quality of patient care those clinicians deliver,” said HPN Senior Editor Rick Dana Barlow. “They accomplish this by using the right mix of high-tech and low-tech tools and exhibiting a sense of identity and pride that befits a first-class SPD operation.”

Under the leadership of Sterile Processing Executive Director Kimberly Blakey, RN, MSN, the 130-member team’s Quality Management System and use of Lean concepts, principles and tools enabled them to reduce their 15 percent defect rate to less than 4 percent per patient within two years. Additional top achievements include:

  • Training and developing team members through quality-driven Lean management techniques typical of manufacturing and retail operations
  • Developing trust with surgeons and nurses through reliable action, experience and work versus talk
  • Achieving “enterprise centralization of the off-site reprocessing of surgical case instrumentation and the standardizing of central supply distribution for surgical case set-up,” as a real-life not-for-profit business service ripe for expansion
  • Justifying C-suite recognition and support through operational results

“For LeeSar SPD, high-quality patient care stems from thoughtful process improvement and professional development,” Barlow said. “They recognize that you have to be effective before achieving efficiency so they focus on and master the fundamentals before progressing up the ladder. It makes for solid, sound sterile processing success.”

Visit HPN’s website to read the full story in the May 2017 issue. We also invite you to meet the winners at the 2017 IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo, Nashville, TN, at the HPN Booth (#435) on Monday, May 8, at 2:30 p.m.


About Healthcare Purchasing News: For four decades Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN) magazine consistently has explored and analyzed all elements of clinical, general and specialty supply chain operations, and covered the developing and integrating professional relationships between the business and clinical areas of healthcare organizations for devices, equipment, products and services. Our comprehensive readership base includes healthcare executives in the C-suite, high-ranking to entry-level professionals in supply chain management, surgical services, sterile processing and distribution, infection prevention and critical care, as well as those clinical and specialty areas with whom supply chain experts provides purchased services leadership, including diagnostic imaging and radiology, information technology, laboratory and environmental services. Visit www.hpnonline.com for more information.

About LeeSar: In 1998, Lee Health (formerly Lee Memorial Health System) and Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System developed LeeSar as a means to reduce costs for medical goods and services while providing safe, high quality patient care. They have since been joined by Central Florida Health and Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, AL. LeeSar/CSF operates 24/7 with a dedicated workforce of more than 450 employees. Since joining LeeSar in 2002, Bob Simpson, CEO, has led the organization with 18 to 20 percent growth annually. The 205,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art LeeSar Regional Service Center built in 2012, is currently expanding (by approximately 100,000 sq. ft.) to meet growing demand.



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