LeeSar’s winning SPD team


An award-winning SPD department earns its stripes from its stars. The SPD crew at LeeSar, which earned the 2017 SPD Department of the Year, includes two directors, five managers, four support staff, 12 lead techs, 27 instrument tech 3s, nine instrument tech 2s, 48 instrument tech 1s and six instrument assistants. Forty positions were added during the last two years. A detailed and well-developed career ladder keeps them progressively mobile. More than half the team carries at least one type of certification with the goal of having everyone certified in time.



Samantha Paltzer, CRCST, Adminstrative Support
Allison Flood, BSM, BBM , Director of Operations
Kim Blakey, RN, MSN , Executive Director Sterile Processing Operations
Keith Ramos, CRCST, Instrument Acquisition
Melissa Ross, CST, Vendor Coordinator
Terris Porchea, CRCST CIS, Sterile Processing Educator
Angela Ridley, CRCST, Sterile Processing Manager
Jakki Crittenden, CST, Sterile Processing Manager
Steve Spring, CST CRCST, Sterile Processing Manager
Brittni Jones, CRCST, Sterile Processing Manager
Melissa Higgins , CST, Sterile Processing Manager

Surgical Tech

Abby Rijos , CST
Alexander Iriz, CST
Cameron Vermillion , CST
Elizabeth Santiago, CRCST
Jean Wilson, CST
Liliesa Paz Gonzalez, CST
Melissa May, CST
Michelle Gest, CST
Nicole Benassi, CST
Sandra Sotomayor, CRCST

Lead Instrument Tech

Alberto Vasquez, CRCST
Elizabeth Perry, CRCST CIS
Howie Gates, CRCST
Jeff Nieves
Madeline DelValle, CRCST
Marvin Kendrick, CRCST
Mauricia Kinchen, CRCST
Melissa Faber, CRCST CIS
Nicholas Todd, CRCST
Nikkyia Woods, CRCST
Sarah Lanum, CRCST CIS
Susan Moniak, CRCST

Instrument Tech 3

Cathleen Juris, CRCST
Corene Petitpren, CRCST
Delphine Jackson
Derek Ridley, CRCST
Donna Mead
Donna Watson, CRCST
Duane Mattingly, CRCST
Felicia Williams, CBSPD
Flor Teuta, CRCST
Gail Hollow
Glen Stockmal, CRCST
Kendra Locke, CRCST CIS
Kimberly Dunn, CRCST
Kimberly Greca, CRCST
Loni Rodriguez, CRCST CIS
Lisa Conti, CRCST
Lori Teeter, CRCST
Emily “Marie” Nault, CRCST
Melissa Ardary
Michael Hunter, CRCST
Mike Pilato, CRCST
Milagros Blom
Paulette DiGrazia, CBSPD
Sandy Sheehy, CRCST
Stanford Bissiney, CBSPD
Svetlana Kalamees, CRCST
Tara Shields, CRCST

Instrument Tech 2

Gary Kish, CRCST
Alphonso Alexis, CRCST
Bill Blom, CRCST
Catherine Carie, CRCST
Cory Anderson, CRCST
Hadi Ipekyun, CRCST
Jorge Hernandez, CRCST
Lori Neal, CRCST
Susan Leighton

Instrument Tech 1

Claytrinia Griffin
Ashley Lopez
Ariel Repatacodo
Camilo Oliveros
Claudia Rodriguez
Eduardo Santiago
Esmeralda Hernandez
James Griffin
Jorge Quiros
Mikal Green
Tracy Bryant , CRCST
Veronica Zamora
Brian Freeman
Carisha Butler
Conrado Nepomuceno
Daniel Preciado
Dawn Seitz
Don Johnson
Dondre Thomas
Gabrielle Nason
Jerry Johnson
Kadijah Ridley
Kari Chastain
Kaitlan Hogan
Kaylyn Overbee
Lily Trinh
Lauren Gibbons
Maria Flores
Mariya Clemons
Melissa Richardz
Monique Jordan
Olga Cruz
Robert Hovis
Robert Wilson
Ryan Bromberger
Savion Marquez
Seon King
Shalonda Bimbo
Shanquilla Bartley
Stacey Norris
Tanya Heil
Travis Gordon
Trisan Williams
Tyler Savage
Tyronda Hall
Victoria Woloszyn
Matthew Moore
Matthew Caldwell

Instrument Assistant

Charlett Bartley, CRCST
Courtney Battle
Ebony King
Iona Vernon
Janiqua Hines
Cynthia Garcia

Judges commentary on the winner and runners-up: Elevating the SPD profession

Rick Dana Barlow
Rick Dana Barlow is Senior Editor for Healthcare Purchasing News.



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