March 2017 Products Picks


RFID-enabled surgical instrument tracking solution

VueSurg by VUEMED is a new application for managing, tracking and documenting in real time all surgical instruments from sterile processing to use in a patient procedure. VueSurg is a UHF RFID-based technology that works with RFID tags to uniquely identify each individual surgical instrument as well as its flow, location, chain of custody, patient utilization, and sterile processing status. VueSurg eliminates the protocol of counting instruments multiple times throughout a procedure, removing the possibility of human error,  helps promote higher standards of contamination prevention and in case of a recall, provides detailed information about each individual instrument. VueSurg offers safe retrofitting of hospitals’ existing instruments or gives options for the purchase of new instruments that have a non-visible RFID chip already embedded in them.


Non-foam positioning pads for gynecological surgeries

The Estape TrenMAX from Innovative Medical Products is a new, safe, secure positioning system that provides surgeons and OR staff an alternative to foam-based solutions when positioning patients for Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg gynecological surgeries such as hysterectomies and abdominal myomectomies. IMP’s proprietary StickyPad adheres to the patient’s torso and fastens securely to the OR table’s side rails to prevent moving and sliding. It also minimizes unnecessary surgical complications, such as cuts from robotic trocar instruments that can happen during surgery as a result of even the slightest patient movement. The patent-pending TrenMAX clamps tightly secure the base pad’s hook-and-loop material straps fastened to the OR table’s side rails. And the system doesn’t use shoulder bolsters preventing potential nerve damage by eliminating pressure on the brachial plexus caused by shoulder-holder devices.

Innovative Medical Products

Antimicrobial stacking step stool

The Stacking Step Stool with antimicrobial protection from IMPERIAL SURGICAL was designed with infection prevention and control in mind. Originally designed for the Operating Room, the stools are equally useful throughout the hospital. The IMPERIAL SURGICAL Stacking Step Stool is made of lightweight Aluminium and does not have any welds or hollow legs to trap debris and fluids. The stackable feature also makes it easy to clean in cart washers and the stools can be sterilized. Colored mats to color-code the step stools and anti-fatigue mats to provide comfort when standing for extended periods of time will also be available.


Computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement software

Computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement software (CACDI) from ChartWise Medical Systems Inc. was a second-year recipient of a KLAS Category Leader distinction for its coding, documentation and reporting tools for hospitals and medical centers. The ChartWise solution offers a in-depth reporting capabilities, a sophisticated and intuitive user interface, Query Wizard and Physician Advisor functionality, an integrated encoder, and a variety of additional user-friendly features designed to help physicians and health information management (HIM) professionals deliver accurate documentation resulting in proper reimbursement.

Chartwise Medical Systems Inc.

Patient engagement technology

TeleHealth Services’ SmartTigr Patient Engagement Platform is designed to help facilities reduce readmissions and improve outcomes and patient satisfaction for chronic disease populations. The SmarTigr system integrates smart TVs, hospital software platforms and mobile applications with a library of interactive videos designed to educate patients about their care and medications. Through electronic medical record automation, condition-specific curriculums available in multiple languages are prescribed and monitored. The system generates activity reports for staff to review, document and measure compliance and patient comprehension. Records of patients viewing the videos are tracked and become part of their medical record. Patients are also asked to complete quizzes to assess education comprehension.

TeleHealth Services

Device improves comfort during endometrial ablation procedure

For patients undergoing endometrial ablation to treat abnormal uterine bleeding, cervical dilation can often cause discomfort. To address this challenge, the Hologic Inc. NovaSure ADVANCED device, the newest addition to the NovaSure system, offers a slimmer 6 mm diameter designed to improve patient comfort and physician ease-of-use. The NovaSure procedure can alleviate or end heavy menstrual bleeding without hormonal side effects, in just two minutes or less. The addition of the NovaSure ADVANCED device will minimize the dilation required so physicians can reduce discomfort felt by patients during the procedure, especially when the procedure is performed in an office setting.

Hologic Inc.


New ACE Connector with ENFit technology for enteral feeding

Proprietary Enteral Connector from Dale Medical Products adds features and meets the new ISO 80369-3 Standard. The new ACE Connector (485) with ENFit technology, incorporates the benefits of the legacy ACE (475), along with additional new features. The new hybrid medication port retains the original ACE auto seal technology and combines it with a new ENFit syringe/plunger activated male port. The seal and the plunger work in unison to provide the practitioner a higher level of protection against gastric splash-back. In addition, an improved handle design helps prevent mis-insertions of ENFit syringes in low light hospital environments, which can occur during sleeping hours on patient floors.

Dale Medical Products

Surgilube sterile bacteriostatic lubricant

HR Pharmaceutical’s Surgilube, manufactured in the USA since 1932, is a premium lubricant used to ease discomfort when inserting catheters, endoscopes, and other surgical instruments into body orifices. Used throughout healthcare in the Acute, Physician Office, Ambulatory Care, Surgery Center space, and in Women’s Health facilities for gynecological procedures, Surgilube’s sterility helps prevent cross-contamination and hospital acquired infections. With a wide offering of procedure specific and single-use packaging, the Surgilube product line-up allows for easy standardization throughout the healthcare facility or IDN. Surgilube is water soluble and non-staining  and available in a variety of quantities, tube and tip styles, and FoilPacs.




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