March 2019 Product Picks


Cross-functional cloud-computing system

The Critical Alert nurse call system from CommonPath Enterprise brings scalability and the reliability of cloud-computing to patient communications, nurse call, clinical surveillance and analytics on a single platform. Flexible enough to deploy across any size healthcare system, CommonPath Enterprise is architected to be centrally configured and managed from a single data center. System upgrades, updates, back-ups, redundancy and maintenance can all be managed remotely with minimal downtime. Consolidated, multi-site data analytics allow for comparative reporting across multiple units, hospitals, and systems. Detailed workflow analysis enables continuous performance improvement and optimization of processes.

Critical Alert Systems

Liquid dietary supplement for incontinence management

Rejoice and Rejoice Sugar Free is a liquid OTC dietary supplement for men and women with once daily dosing that protects day and night to help significantly reduce leakage associated with overactive bladder, stress & urge incontinence, Nocturia, & BPH (Stages I & II). Rejoice provides 24-hour maximum bladder protection that is discreet and easy to use. The all natural, drug-free active ingredients work to prevent bladder leakage in five different ways and is clinically and medically proven to significantly reduce leakage, without the side effects of prescriptions, giving healthcare providers working with incontinence patients an alternative solution.


Software upgrade on SONIMAGE HS1 ultrasound system

The SONIMAGE HS1 Ultrasound System from Konica Minolta has a variety of upgrades that boost clinical workflow and MSK functionality using new imaging capabilities and artificial intelligence-assisted functionality for hands-free operation during interventional procedures. With the ability to control system functions through simple voice commands, clinicians can hold the transducer in one hand and a needle or syringe in the other hand, eliminating the need for an assistant and maintaining the sterile field during procedures. AI-assisted voice recognition technology uses machine learning to analyze data from actual interactions to improve performance and accuracy. Panoramic imaging technology widens the field of view for precise clinical diagnosis, measurement and interventions and SONIMAGE HS1 now provides the clinician with simplified one-button image optimization.

Konica Minolta

Portable digital stretcher scales

DETECTO’s new portable Stretcher Scales, available in two models, features spacious, low-profile platforms that accommodate all common stretcher types. The high-capacity digital scales provide precision weighing for patients in stretchers, gurneys, or wheelchairs for use in the ER, dialysis, long-term care, and nursing homes. The Stretcher Scale’s MedVue weight indicator features EMR/EHR-ready serial, USB, and optional Wi-Fi connectivity, BMI calculation, yellow “quick keys” for basic weighing, and a multiline LCD display. Medical professionals can view their patient’s weight, height, and Body Mass Index all onscreen simultaneously. The scale is powered by 6 C batteries or optional AC adapter.




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