McLaren Flint, in Flint, MI, is the first hospital to launch an RTLS-smart pump interface between Versus and B. Braun, adding pump status to the asset information already available through the Versus Advantages Asset Management solution. Gaining automated visibility to pump status and eliminating time-consuming manual status checks elevates McLaren Flint’s pump redistribution and utilization capacity.

Versus Asset Tags, affixed to IV pumps, allow the real-time location of McLaren’s fleet to be displayed in both list format and on floor plans of the hospital. An interface with B. Braun IV pumps, Versus also indicates which pumps are available (green icons) or in use (red icons).

Versus and B. Braun collaborated on an RTLS-IV pump interface, based on IHE Patient Care Device (PCD) open standards. Now the dosing software feeds pump status to Versus, which displays “ON” (infusing) or “OFF” (infusion stopped) alongside pump location in the Versus List View. On the real-time floorplan, the pump’s icon changes to red when the pump is infusing.

The Versus software also displays a “download ready” status that shows pharmacy staff when pumps are online and available to receive drug library updates via wireless data push.

This reduces the time needed to manually collect the pumps for plug-in updates.

McLaren Flint uses the Advantages Asset Management solution to routinely redistribute pumps, allowing the busiest areas to always have an adequate supply. Thanks to Versus, McLaren has increased pump utilization, while decreasing pump inventory by 33 percent, saving $1 million in capital expense.

The hospital plans to further leverage its RTLS investment.

PAR-level asset management and patient flow require highly accurate location data. In a 2016 report from the healthcare research firm KLAS, Versus received the highest rating among RTLS vendors that provide both hardware and software. Versus also received the highest rating for location accuracy, as well as for supporting integration goals and many other categories. For more on the KLAS report, visit

Midmark Corporation acquired Versus Technology, Inc. in May 2016.

Versus has the release.

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