November 2016 Product Picks


Security locking door carts

Tecni-Quip security locking door carts help healthcare facilities save money from stolen or misplaced inventory. The carts are available in over 15 standard sizes, a variety of fabrication materials and interior shelving options to safeguard linen and supplies. Tecni-Quip carts are built in the USA, offer outstanding durability, are approved for the transport and storage of linen, and meet the Joint Commission Codes and all current fire regulations. TQ’s smaller carts are suitable for isolation, procedure units, or where a smaller inventory is required, while larger sizes offer 24-hour inventory or work in areas that use a large quantity during normal business hours. Tecni-Quip carts can also be built according to customized specifications.



Natural odor eliminator for disinfection and maintenance products

The Fresh Wave IAQ M130 Vapor Phase Unit allows hospital Environmental Services (EVS) professionals to safely and effectively combat odors from using day-to-day cleaning and maintenance solutions, such as cleaning agents, paint and floor care products. Ideal for removing organic and inorganic odors, the Fresh Wave IAQ M130 Vapor Phase Unit, which was named a 2016 AHE Innovation Award nominee, offers a cutting-edge, science based product that is made with natural, environmentally friendly ingredients to give healthcare facilities a safe alternative to masking odor with fragrances and harsh chemicals. Unlike toxic ozone machines, the M130 Vapor Phase Unit removes the most challenging odors for a healthier, more pleasant environment.


Fresh Wave IAQ

Wireless rapid diagnostic system

The BD Veritor Plus System wireless rapid diagnostic system is used for detection of influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and group A strep, with new traceability and secure patient health record documentation features and functionality. The system provides health care providers and laboratorians in physician offices, clinics, hospitals and integrated delivery networks with objective, lab-quality immunoassay test results within minutes. It streamlines the point-of-care diagnostic workflow and enables providers to quickly review patient results to assist in determining the appropriate treatment in a single consultation. Enhanced documentation functionality includes user ID, specimen ID and test kit lot to improve traceability, which decreases manual documentation. The BD Cloud Connectivity Solution allows users to wirelessly transfer test data securely to an EMR or LIS to enable data access across an entire IDN.


Multi-Purpose Equipment Label

Healthmark Industries has added the Multi-Purpose Equipment Label to its Labeling line. The new label ensures proper labeling for medical equipment to communicate crucial information and address the unique challenges facing healthcare facilities. The Multi-Purpose Equipment Label is designed to ensure consistency and identify whether medical equipment is clean, in-use or dirty. The 2” x 3” label has an easy to use pull tab style design with an adhesive backing that does not leave residue behind. The brightly colored label provides high visibility to healthcare professionals, allowing for quick and easy identification and sharing of equipment status.


Healthmark Industries

New OTC cream for long term relief of joint pain, stiffness, and swelling

Recently introduced in the United States, 4Jointz is a clinically proven topical pain reliever that uses a novel, patented technology combining natural allantoin, a compound present in a standardized comfrey extract, along with tannic acid and eucalyptus oil. The herbal-formula is fast-acting and easy to use and can facilitate pain relief safely, without any of the negative side effects commonly associated with taking NSAIDs. According to the company, clinical study participants with arthritis used the cream three times a day for 12 weeks and experienced sustained pain reduction, a reduction in the intake of pain medication such as acetaminophen, and significant improvement in mobility and leg-muscle strength.



Catheter securement device

Starboard Medical’s Clik-FIX Catheter Securement Device makes securing a PICC or central catheter easier while helping to prevent catheter movement and migration. The universal device uses a dual locking mechanism, offering an effective alternative to sutures, tape, tape-based stabilization and other systems. Clik-FIX is engineered to withstand an 8-pound pull force; and it works well with existing catheter dressing protocols and is comfortable, stable and secure. The secondary securement also helps prevent tampering of securement integrity by con-complaint patients.



Starboard Medical

200-drchrono-electronic-prescriptions-for-controlled-substance-epcs-01EHR App certified for electronic prescriptions of controlled substances

drchrono EPCS, the first native iOS EHR App certified for electronic prescriptions of controlled substances, allows doctors to prescribe medication electronically from either their iPhone, iPad or computer directly to a pharmacy that accepts prescriptions for controlled substances. The feature is built into the doctor’s workflow but also includes the necessary steps of password verification and a soft token delivered by the Norton VIP mobile app that should be downloaded on a separate mobile device. drchrono EPCS also enables doctors to view a patients prescription history through a Surescripts integration covering 95 percent of pharmacies in the U.S. to help prevent doctor shopping and opioid abuse.



200-cleanroom-stairsBioSafe cleanroom stairs with work platform

Terra Universal lauched the BioSafe electropolished stainless steel cleanroom step-stairs with a spacious work platform for performing maintenance or repairs in the cleanroom. The stairs help personnel access hard-to-reach equipment such as ceiling modules or hoods. The step depth of these stairs makes them easier to climb than standard ladders, particularly when carrying tools or supplies, to promote balance and stability. The stairs feature easy-to-grip side safety handrails, which extend around the work platform. The platform is comfortable for standing and provides a work surface for tools and parts. Perforated horizontal surfaces encourage laminar air flow and the electropolished stainless steel, compatible with ISO 4 cleanrooms, resists damage from common chemicals to make disinfecting wipe-downs easy.


Terra Universal

Orthopedic instrument protection trays

InstruSafe Ortho Instrument Protection Trays by Summit Medical are engineered to protect and maintain the sharpness of delicate ortho instruments. InstruSafe trays are made with strong, quality materials and designs that are well-suited for sterilization, transportation, storage and the OR. Each tray is constructed with durable, highly perforated aluminum and silicone instrument holders to provide 360 degrees of cushioned protection, reducing breakage of instruments. With a variety of FDA 510(k) sterilization cycle clearances, the trays are a smart, easy upgrade for use with both wrap and rigid containers.



InstruSafe by Summit Medical


Universal OR light handle cover

Maintain a sterile barrier between the surgical staff and the surgical light handle in the O.R. with Key Surgical’s Universal Light Handle Cover. This one-size-fits-all solution fits on most original operating room light systems, eliminating the need for adapters. The ready-to-use Universal Light Handle Cover comes sterile and can be used immediately upon removal from package. Just place over surgical light handle and remove post-procedure. Key Surgical’s Universal Light Handle covers are conveniently packaged one per pouch with 160 pouches per box.



Key Surgical




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