October 2016 Product Picks


Antimicrobial hospital pillows

Care Line hospital pillows, made in the USA, come in a variety of different types, colors, sizes and loft to meet patient and facility needs. Single-Patient-Use Pillows are well-suited for use in the ER, isolation rooms, or in patient rooms as an added layer of protection against HAIs. Reusable Pillows, which are manufactured with antimicrobial technology and withstands multiple cleanings, are available with highly durable Poly/knit or Nylon covers to meet healthcare industry standards. The less expensive SBPP-coated covers are appropriate for facilities with a high rate of pillow loss or damage. Care Line’s Specialty/Therapeutic Pillows provide comfort following a surgery, childbirth or during infusion. Pillows can be purchased with or without a customized logo.

Care Line Industries

Durable plastic utility cabinets

AccuClean Advanced by Neogen Corporation is an enhanced rapid protein test that delivers industry-leading speed and sensitivity for determining the cleanliness of food contact surfaces and equipment. This simple, 10-second visual test reveals detected protein residue through an easy-to-interpret color change. With a protein detection limit of 15 µg/mL, the test provides sensitive, reliable results. AccuClean Advanced determines cleanliness by detecting any protein residues left behind from previously processed food and liquids. If no protein is detected, the solution in the bottom of the cup will remain copper-colored to indicate the surface is clean. A color change to gray indicates low level protein has been detected, while a change to green/blue or blue indicates a higher level of protein detected.


Self-Seal CLEAN Bag

Healthmark Industries’ Self-Seal CLEAN Bag, a new addition to its Bags & Dust Covers product line, is designed for storing reprocessed medical devices appropriately to avoid environmental contamination. The Self-Seal CLEAN Bag keeps items covered after cleaning, disinfection or sterilization. The 6×9 inch tamper evident self-seal bags are clear and printed with “CLEAN” in green lettering for easy identification of contents and “CLEAN” status. They are Ideal for transportation and storage.




Healthmark Industries

Estape TrenMAX positioning pads for robotic surgeries 

Innovative Medical Products Inc.’s Estape TrenMAX secure positioning system provides OR staff an alternative to all foam solutions when positioning patients for Trendelenburg surgical procedures. The key component of the TrenMAX system is IMP’s proprietary single-use sticky pad, which adheres directly to the patient’s torso and fastens securely to the OR table’s side rails to prevent patients from moving or sliding off the OR table. TrenMAX clamps tightly secure the base pad hook-and-loop material straps affixed to the OR table’s side rails. The arm straps allow access to leads and IVs by anesthesiologists and are designed to meet AORN recommendations. They also prevent potential neurological impairment caused by sheet tucking, do not require the use of a chest strap, and prevents nerve damage by eliminating pressure on the brachial plexus caused by shoulder-holder devices.


Innovative Medical Products

HipGrid Drone for total hip arthroplasty

OrthoGrid System Inc.’s HipGrid Drone is available for outpatient and short-stay total joint arthroplasty (TJA) procedures including total hip arthroplasty (THA), at both ambulatory surgery centers and inpatient hospitals. The affordable, non-invasive tool is for intraoperative assessment of limb alignment and component positioning. HipGrid Drone technology is relatively low tech making it easy to learn and low cost and has been shown to reduce time in the OR with an ability to achieve proper cup abduction, leg length, and hip offset. HipGrid Drone provides vital data to verify alignment and positioning onscreen in real time, helping to aligns surgeons’, administrators’, and patients’ goals of good, low-cost, clinical outcomes for outpatient THA procedures.



Surface disinfecting and sanitizing sprays 

The PURELL brand by GOJO has launched a new line of surface disinfecting and sanitizing products for disinfecting healthcare surfaces. In addition to its Design for the Environment (Dfe) Certification, the products offer powerful rapid germ kill for MRSA, the cold and flu virus and norovirus within 30 seconds. Out of the 3,000 EPA registered surface disinfectants and sanitizers, less than 100 have the EPA’s Category IV lowest toxicity rating, and of those, less than 10 have the EPA’s DfE Certification. Fragrance-free and safe to use around patients with no harsh fumes, the products have no precautionary statements; no handwashing requirements, are easy-to-use in 1-step and can be used on multiple surfaces with proven performance across most hard and soft surfaces.



All-In-One Medical-Cart Computer

DT Research’s new DT590 series of All-in-One Medical-Cart Computers integrate small and inexpensive hot-swappable batteries to facilitate mobility for healthcare application while addressing long-standing challenges with Computers on Wheels (COWs) and Workstations on Wheels (WOWs). The DT590 series provides a cordless, lightweight, and anti-microbial computer system that makes data access efficient, optimizing staff workflow, and minimizing the total cost of ownership. The wireless DT590 series features a vivid 19”, 22”, or 24” touchscreen display with a high performance Intel 5th Generation Core i7, i3, or Celeron processor in a compact, mountable package. It boasts a 3-bay hot-swappable battery system for zero downtime work environments to increase mobility and sustain at least one working shift without adding charged batteries (up to 16 hours of runtime). Each unit features up to 6 USB ports, 4 legacy COM ports, 2 HDMI-out ports supporting concurrent 4K resolution, and RJ45 LAN connection. An optimized operating system running Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 means healthcare providers that have existing medical solutions do not need to have their applications and equipment re-engineered to run on the DT590 systems. With a VESA standard mount, the DT590 series is compatible to the various medical carts, desktop stands and wall mounts available.

DT Research



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