October 2017 Product Picks


Cloud-based, data-driven cleaning system

Tork EasyCube is a cloud-based service that collects real-time data from connected devices. Displayed in an easy-to-use web application, precise information directs cleaning teams to exactly where they are needed. The Tork dispenser’s sensor technology, visitor counter units and DCUs measure visitor numbers and refill levels. Data from individual devices is displayed in the Tork EasyCube cloud-based application; and measurements track and predict use. The collected information can be used to plan for increased efficiency, and a more proactive and flexible approach to cleaning.


Breast biopsy system with imaging technology

Hologic’s Brevera Breast Biopsy System with CorLumina Imaging Technology, is a real-time breast biopsy and verification system that is designed to increase biopsy accuracy with real-time imaging. It delivers valuable information at the point of care, enhances workflow, improves the patient experience and streamlines the entire biopsy process from start to finish. It combines tissue acquisition, sample verification and advanced post-biopsy handling in one, integrated system. Designed for 2D and 3D breast biopsy, the system allows physicians to perform fast and efficient procedures that save costs and improve the patient experience.


Contained tissue extraction system

The Olympus Contained Tissue Extraction System combines the PneumoLiner tissue containment device, and laparoscopic PK Morcellator to provide certain appropriate, low-risk patients with a laparoscopic surgery option to avoid open hysterectomy and myomectomy. The PneumoLiner conforms to every abdominal size, avoiding intra-abdominal folding which can restrict movement, visualization, or inadvertent capture by the morcellator. It provides a barrier between target tissue and non-targeted abdominal contents, and maintains a barrier to the escape of fluids, cells and tissue fragments. The PK Morcellator’s anti-coring, tip-integrated peeling tip promotes peeling on target tissue and avoids tissue coring. Smoke management maintains clear visibility of the morcellator, the target tissue and collateral tissue while providing faster morcellation speed.

Olympus Americas

Turn-key delivery solution

Midmark’s turn-key Delivery Services provides customers with a single point of contact for all project coordination efforts, simplifying the process and minimizing the time a customer spends managing projects. From the time of purchase, the Midmark team coordinates off-site, pre-configuration of equipment and accessories to reduce disruption to customer facility operations, streamlining what used to be a cumbersome delivery process. A Midmark-trained team provides delivery, set-up and functional testing of equipment while meeting the specific facility and operational needs of the customer.


Pink sterile processing gear for breast cancer awareness month

To mark breast awareness month in October, Healthmark Industries offers a variety of pink gear for sterile processing professionals. Items include pink Cool Aids to wear under PPE, scrub caps in a pink pattern of ribbons, hearts and the words “hope” and “love,” compression socks to help with muscle fatigue, pink arm sleeves, and pink-ribbon PPE decals. A portion of sales will be donated to the Gilda’s Club, a cancer support community.


Advanced suturing device

ProxiSure Suturing Device features wrist-like maneuverability and curved needle in an advanced device that improves suturing precision in tight spaces. Surgeons are able to reach the desired angle, control bites, and secure knots, as well as to have maximum control of the needle during suturing and knot tying, which may reduce the risk of needle loss. ProxiSure assures a highly intuitive tissue repair experience and is well suited for bariatric, general, colorectal, and gynecology procedures. The curved needle improves a surgeon’s ability to suture a variety of tissue layers, including flat surfaces.


Multi-enzyme detergent for washers/disinfectors

Belimed Inc.’s Protect Concentrate PLUS is a multi-enzyme detergent designed and developed to optimize the cleaning outcomes delivered by Belimed’s high performance washer/disinfectors. It reduces dosing levels which can minimize staff time on activities such as product changeovers and inventory management and provides a lower risk of staff injury related to better ergonomics associated with smaller size containers. Efficiency results from less detergent and fewer product changeovers while processing the same number of loads in the washer/disinfector. The formulation performs consistently at all water hardness levels, minimizing concerns related to water quality.

Belimed Inc.



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