Overcome any pains in the apps

What to look for when developing, evaluating apps for your
supply chain


Apps that bring data, such as alerts or approvals, to the point of work can be hugely beneficial as a single employee no longer becomes a process bottleneck because they aren’t at their desk or logged into a system. In addition, apps that can capture data in a quick or efficient manner to fulfill downstream needs or kickoff processes can also provide significant value or improvements.

Chris Luoma, Vice President, Product Management, GHX, Atlanta

Developing technology for the sake of technology never works. Mobile for the sake of mobile won’t work either. Apps can’t just be cool one time. They must add value all the time. They must solve problems. Any app that adds value, provides measurable results, makes a job easier and makes life easier is a good choice.

Michael DeLuca, Executive Vice President, Operations, Prodigo Solutions Inc.,
Cranberry Township, PA.

I like all the Z5 solutions of course – Z5 Count and Z5 Reallocate. Additionally, I am a fan of Jump Tech’s apps and solutions. I also like the tools from Valify. Finding new sources for savings is a critical need in healthcare supply chain and innovative companies applying the latest in mobile technologies are well-positioned to help.

Carl Natenstedt, CEO, Z5 Inventory Inc., Austin, TX

Procurement and patient charge apps offer the largest opportunities for providers not currently using mobile technology. These apps attack the two major categories of financial opportunities: Preventing losses through improved efficiency, accuracy and inventory control, and increasing revenue through capturing more of the items used in patient procedures. Additionally, receiving and physical inventory apps can increase accuracy and help lower processing time. When apps address workflows involving hundreds or thousands of transactions monthly, small gains in time and accuracy can make a tremendous difference.

Gregory Seiders, Director, Supply Chain, Claflin Co., Warwick, RI

Of course, I would recommend hospitals implement JumpStock, which uses either iOS or Android devices to implement a variety of inventory methods like kanban, cycle counting, perpetual, par replenishment or even requisitioning. JumpStock allows our clients to keep track of med/surg items using the most cost efficient methods so that a hospital doesn’t spend a lot of time or money tracking items that have little to know reimbursement. In the procedural areas JumpStock makes it simple to capture all charges whether an item exists in the master or not. It interfaces with ERP and EMR systems to update charge data. Finally, it allows supply chain to track items from the moment that arrive on the loading dock until the time they are delivered to the patient. The results are increased revenues through improved charge capture, reduced inventory, and freeing up cash for supply chain to reinvest in sourcing that leads to savings, and clinicians spending more time with patients and less time worrying about supplies.

John Freund, CEO, Jump Technologies Inc., Eagan, MN


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