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Scan for Surgery

St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, continues to lead the way in automated tracking with its ‘Scan for Surgery’ program and other ambitious projects.

Keeping track pays you back

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Using a tracking device in the OR to scan supplies and capture data at the point-of-care is moving towards the norm.

Take it from the Irish: Just do it

What is it that compels an organization — whether supplier or provider — to do more than is required or is funded, especially in a highly regulated industry like healthcare?

Prime directive

Rick Dana Barlow covers the main themes of this year’s Eye for Transport’s annual 3PL & Supply Chain Summit in Chicago.

2017 Healthcare Supply Chain Trends Survey

Supply chain trends in 2017 and the top areas of concern over the next five years, based on CAPS Research survey

Making meaningful use of data for physicians

Under the healthcare industry reforms of the 21st century-to date (the Bush Administration’s electronic health record policy and the Obama Administration’s access and insurance...

Analysis vs. analytics: A defining moment?

You might hear the terms clinical data analysis and clinical data analytics bandied about rather frequently. But one question might percolate to the surface:...

Motivating Supply Chain to embrace data science for clinical decision support

Barely two decades into the 21st century, Supply Chain executives now find themselves regularly partnering with physicians in ways that were standard for top-tier...