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Supply Chain’s newest Elite weaving through consolidations, standardizations

Supply Chain Operations Worth Watching 2018: 11 organizations, spanning 10 states from the East Coast to the West Coast, join 78 other ongoing healthcare supply chain superstars profiled by HPN since 2011.

Sustainability: Fusing eco- and ego-friendly efforts

Achieving sustainability in the healthcare setting doesn’t have to make you see red or green – emotionally or financially.

Depth of perception, reception

Supply Chain’s specific participation and role in sustainability initiatives differs by facility and leadership personality.

How is ‘greenwashing’ whitewashing sustainability initiatives?

Healthcare sustainability sources explain greenwashing and how to detect when it’s happening to you.

GPOs transforming cost center to revenue center

Hospitals will need creative, out-of-the-box thinking in managing supply chain costs to be successful. Here are a few predictions for the future.

A problem in need of solutions

Not all health systems have adequate resources, and with Flu season in full swing, many — especially small and mid-sized institutions throughout the country - may struggle to provide their customary levels of care in a crisis.

Supply Chain’s latest Elite 8 pursuing, embracing larger roles for data,...

This year, eight organizations, spanning eight states from the East Coast to the West Coast and several areas in between, join 70 other ongoing healthcare supply chain superstars profiled by HPN since 2011.

Four key strategies to navigate success in purchased services

When it comes to managing purchased services, there is significant potential to reduce supply chain spending in an era of constrained resources.

Conquering the top supply chain cost drivers

With supply chain poised to become a healthcare organization’s largest expense category within the next decade, what areas are leading the charge?

Elite 8 in ’16 extending supply chain operations to new heights

The capstone of HPN’s coverage at year’s end includes its annual snapshot of “Supply Chain Operations Worth Watching.” This year, eight organizations, spanning seven states,...