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Cultivating a culture of safety

Medical mistakes are also referred to as Never Events — and for an obvious reason — they should never happen. But they do. What can we do to stop them from happening?

Getting to the point of point of use

Yearning for universal device, equipment and process interoperability, Supply Chain and Surgical Services aim to implement goal in several ways.

Data as a chain linked fence protecting patients?

In an ideal world with information technology interconnectivity, device interoperability and universally implemented service and supply data standards, a patient’s journey through the healthcare facility from admission to discharge, check-ups and payment would be as fluid and flexible as possible with the secure electronic transmission data.

Engaging patients with digital assistance

If the healthcare reformation movement accomplished any significant change indelibly seared to the American culture and zeitgeist, it’s this: Patients no longer remain detached...

What attracts, detracts from clicking and sticking?

With the plethora of technology opportunities and options out there to attract and engage patients to participate in the healthcare process and services they...