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Recognize, respond, recover

Saving patients from sepsis requires timely diagnosis, targeted treatment and post-discharge follow-up.

Strategic posturing

This showcase of product solutions helps healthcare facilities position patients properly and prevent pressure injuries during and after surgery.

Inserting infection prevention

Today’s technologies are better for preventing catheter-associated infections and keeping patients comfortable during their hospital stay.

Consistently clean

Coupling automated room disinfection with surface cleaning is a powerful one-two punch that can result in improved outcomes across the board.

Diligent defense against disease

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HPN’s annual infection prevention buyer’s guide details some of today’s preferred products and services designed to keep patients and healthcare workers protected against HAIs.

Data, diagnosis, drugs, and dedication

Health and industry experts weigh in on best strategies for developing and sustaining successful antibiotic stewardship programs.

Connecting the dots, removing the spots

When it comes to disinfectants and sterilants, it is important to understand what they can and can’t do, and where and how to use them properly.

Touched by infection

In honor of Healthcare Purchasing News’ 40th anniversary, here are 40 “fun facts” that impact the spread of bacterial and viral germs and infections.

SPD, manufacturers should partner on medical device design and cleaning

There are many stakeholders involved in developing and following reprocessing instructions for reusable devices, including the manufacturer and the healthcare facility where the device will be reprocessed.

Real-time, measurable technology helps to reduce HAIs

Thompson Health in Canandaigua, NY reduces C.diff incidence by 90% after adding UV-C to its infection prevention bundle.