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Put tech on your team

Tracking implants, instrumentation, and other surgical supplies doesn’t have to be a dreaded, inefficient or difficult task when using real-time point-of-use technology.

Go with the optimal flow

Sponsored Content - When healthcare systems adopt technologies specifically designed to engage supply chain and clinical teams with shared facts, robust analytics, and easy access to real-time actionable data, everything falls into place.

Safe and battle-ready

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Storing instruments until ready for use and transporting both clean and dirty instruments to and from clinical areas is integral to maintaining a safe, effective and efficient care environment.

Off-site need not be off-putting

Sterile processing professionals and industry experts show how to manage instruments off-site successfully with key considerations, best practices and insightful tips.

Is offsite sterile processing for me?

Here are eight important factors to consider before moving your sterile processing operations offsite.

Know what, when to automate using a three-pronged approach

Using a three-pronged approach, a broken, inaccurate and wasteful inventory system was brought in line with best practices and automated for best efficiency going forward.

Should healthcare embrace grocery, retail details?

Any permanent storage location — big, small, deep or wide — includes pros and cons of how to design and organize it for the variety of end users. Supply Chain experts weight in.

Sidelining, sidestepping retail examples

Acolytes of the “supply chain is supply chain” mentality may pooh-pooh the “healthcare is different” mindset but they probably should think twice before trying to refashion their storerooms and warehouses into mini-Amazon operations.

What works for storeroom, warehouse design

Supply Chain leaders might consider the following tips when organizing their internal storeroom and warehouse footprints.

Pinpointing storeroom, warehouse design slips, slides

Where do Supply Chain leaders slip up when laying out their storeroom and warehouse footprints?