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Connecting the dots, removing the spots

When it comes to disinfectants and sterilants, it is important to understand what they can and can’t do, and where and how to use them properly.

Inclusion collusion

Industry experts suggest how to design kits and procedure trays to enhance and support clinical and workflow effectiveness and efficiency.

Getting a handle on instrument storage

There is no shortage of options when it comes to keeping instruments protected and free of contaminates during storage and transport.

Your CS/SPD staff is certifiable

HPN spotlights CS/SPD departments with robust certification and training programs and the various resources these facilities are using to grow and nurture capable, knowledgeable teams.

Avoiding weapons of mass disruption

When a hospital expands or renovates its footprint, supply chain must take a variety of steps to ensure design, layout and equipment selections support future growth.

Controlling pests should come before construction and renovation projects

Pest control must be considered when constructing or renovating space, particularly environments like healthcare facilities that need to be clean and sterile.

Making a playbook for capital purchases

Healthcare facilities may rely on a diverse set of criteria to select the equipment they need before and after construction/renovation projects. Supply chain experts weigh in.

Decontam is in the details

New guidance documents are on the horizon that will impact decontamination processes in central CS/SPD departments – and new products too.

Optimizing reprocessing

CS/SPD departments that have successfully improved their reprocessing turnover shared the practices, tools and services they use to achieve their goals.

Laboratory: Final frontier for performance improvement?

Laboratory leaders and Supply Chain leaders make remarkable strides in bolstering Lab budgets, product evaluation, contracting and purchasing.