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Supply Chain’s newest Elite weaving through consolidations, standardizations

Supply Chain Operations Worth Watching 2018: 11 organizations, spanning 10 states from the East Coast to the West Coast, join 78 other ongoing healthcare supply chain superstars profiled by HPN since 2011.

Future-ready Supply Chains may no longer be Mission: Impossible

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In a utopian world, a future-ready Supply Chain model might amount to one that runs itself … will today’s emerging technologies lead the way?

Providers empower, equip patients

Happiness in a hospital setting can be translated into minimizing, if not eliminat¬ing, any and all of life’s inconveniences for today’s patients with new approaches and technology.

How can Supply Chain contribute to patient engagement, satisfaction?

Should Supply Chain be involved in steering healthcare facilities toward satisfying patients and achieving successful evaluations to justify payer reimbursement?

Supply Chain leaves stamp on quality, physician business

Piedmont Healthcare’s award-winning Supply Chain team sits on the IDN’s Quality, Safety and Service committee to work on reducing HAIs and other inpatient-hospital quality measures through products and services.

Physicians charting new course into managing supply decisions

HPN bestows its P.U.R.E. award on those physicians and surgeons who have made solid contributions to supply chain operations — activities, practices and thinking.

Do not trust, verify!

CS/SPD pros and equipment suppliers share insights on quality assurance/sterility assurance and advice on how to prepare for and manage unexpected breakdowns.

Preparing the CS/SPD for the unexpected

Sterile processing expert and consultant Michele DeMeo explains how SPDs can prepare for the unexpected.

Are supply chain salary spikes shortchanging potential?

Five prominent and recognized industry veterans share their viewpoints on compensation trends as part of HPN’s 40th anniversary.

Pharmacy: Tipping or tripping point for Supply Chain?

If you’re looking for the closest connection to retail healthcare you can find in a hospital setting, look no further than Pharmacy whose leaders...