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Value-based healthcare starts with standard definitions

Unlike San Francisco 49ers player Jim Marshall, who ran the wrong way in a game against the Vikings in 1964, we should all be running in the same direction and that starts with standard definitions and measurements.

Holo-rific healthcare

Augmented and virtual reality is poking its way into the supply chain realm where high-tech toys can be useful tools for even low-tech product sourcing and seemingly rudimentary decisions.

Healthy digitease

Amazon’s latest data mining endeavor signals slow progress, if not a work-in-progress.

Analyzing the state of value analysis

You know what the words value and analysis mean but that does not mean you understand what the profession of value analysis is.

It’s time to clinically integrate supply chain into healthcare reform

The purchasing of healthcare products and services should be a fact-based, objective process that aligns clinical objectives with fiscal realities.

Supply Chain must confab with the Lab

When it comes to cost management processes and supply chain issues, the Laboratory most likely needs some help, whether they know it, acknowledge it or even want it.

The long tail of Supply Chain’s expense continuum

How you look at products, services and technologies’ utilization could be the difference between your organization continuing to be profitable in the new healthcare economy we all live and work in.

If you had a choice, would you choose people or programs?

Like all programs, healthcare information and technology need to be interpreted by a human

Conquering the top supply chain cost drivers

With supply chain poised to become a healthcare organization’s largest expense category within the next decade, what areas are leading the charge?

Supply Chain should apply DUE process to products, technology

Supply Chain needs to take on the role of providing product information in support of clinical decision-making, something our counterparts in pharmacy have done for years.