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Keeping track pays you back

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Using a tracking device in the OR to scan supplies and capture data at the point-of-care is moving towards the norm.

Putting patients at the center of the pursuit of real world...

FDA, manufacturers, hospitals and patient advocacy groups are working to get patients more involved in owning their own health care information.

Healthcare standards make a trip to the real world

Applying real world evidence can shed light on how well medical devices work in day-to-day clinical practice.

Turning point

Now is the time for Supply Chain professionals to reflect on the activities of the last few months and take advantage of opportunities to expand their leadership roles.

The UDI Conference shifts to value

Attendance by hospitals was the highest ever for the UDI conference, signally growing awareness of UDIs and what it will take to put them to good use.

Getting to the point of point of use

Yearning for universal device, equipment and process interoperability, Supply Chain and Surgical Services aim to implement goal in several ways.

Data as a chain linked fence protecting patients?

In an ideal world with information technology interconnectivity, device interoperability and universally implemented service and supply data standards, a patient’s journey through the healthcare facility from admission to discharge, check-ups and payment would be as fluid and flexible as possible with the secure electronic transmission data.

2017 Healthcare Supply Chain Trends Survey

Supply chain trends in 2017 and the top areas of concern over the next five years, based on CAPS Research survey

GLNs key to contract price alignment

GLN is once again in the spotlight with publication of a new handbook on “Contract Communications Standards for the Healthcare Supply Chain” from HIDA.

SMI’s Hughes reflects on 40 years of healthcare supply chain progress

Tom Hughes, Executive Director, SMI, reflects on the healthcare supply chain industry’s progress and muses about where the industry may be heading.