TRSA Launches New Hygienically Clean Certification Portal for Certified Plants

May 16, 2024
TRSA has unveiled the new Certification Customer Portal, offering Hygienically Clean certified plant representatives a streamlined platform for certification activities.

On May 10, TRSA announced the new Hygienically Clean Certification Portal recently launched as part of the Hygienically Clean Certification Program Enhancement Initiatives.

Hygienically Clean certified plant representatives may now use the Certification Customer Portal for all their Hygienically Clean certification activities including:

  • Online application process (New applicants and renewals)
  • Certification dashboard
  • Microbiological sample submission
  • Automated workflows

The second phase of the Certification Customer Portal will include enhancements to the audit-scheduling process and addition of the Clean Green Certification Customer Portal which is scheduled for launch in early 2025.

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