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Healthcare Purchasing News: Midmark

The Importance of Following the 5-step Instrument Processing Workflow and the Value of Medical Grade Cabinetry

April 3, 2024
Healthcare Purchasing News and Tracy Timmerman, Senior Marketing Manager for Midmark Corporation, discuss how instrument processing is a critical part of infection prevention&...

Flu Season and Mask Protection with Cardinal Health

March 27, 2024
Healthcare Purchasing News sits down with Charles Kraft, Senior Consultant for Clinical Operations for Cardinal Health to discuss flu season and how market dynamic is based on...

Patient Safety: What Role Does The Environment Play?

March 26, 2024
Gunner Lyslo, CEO and Founder at Surfacide speaks with Publisher Chris Driscoll about the challenges and solutions for disinfection in hospitals post-pandemic at AORN 2024. Key...
Antimicrobial products

Med Tech Talk with Akin Gump: FDA regulation of UV products used in hospitals

Jan. 17, 2024
Healthcare Purchasing News sits down with Nathan Brown, Partner with Akin Gump to Discuss the recent FDA Regulation of UV technology used in hospitals. Sponsored by Xenex
March 2023 A Fireside Chat On The Cost Savings

A Fireside Chat on the Cost Savings Opportunities within Healthcare Supply Chain Operations and Strategies & Priorities for the Future

April 24, 2023
Health systems are under significant financial stress as a result of continual decrease in reimbursement and a never-ending increase in labor costs.
March 2023 What's Stopping Your Cost

What’s Stopping Your Cost, Quality and Outcome (CQO) Efforts?

April 24, 2023
Can we break down the barriers and begin a path to sustainable CQO?