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Daily Update

Blockchain, digital workforce cited as increasing adoption of...

MHI announces the release of the fifth in a series of MHI Annual Industry...

New sentinel event alert focuses on physical, verbal...

Sentinel Event Alert Issue 59, "Physical and Verbal Violence Against Health Care Workers," focuses...

2018 Mark McKenna Healthcare Management Lecture video featuring...

The Annual Mark McKenna Lecture brings key innovators and healthcare leaders to Arizona State University to...

The disturbing reason behind the spike in organ...

It does not take an in-depth reading of the letters that recipients of organ transplants...

America’s hospitals face doom – This year may...

Hospital executives might be inclined to shrug at news of Apple setting up its...

Vizient now accepting applications for Innovative Technology Exchange...

Suppliers interested in participating in the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange are encouraged to submit...

The Veterans Affairs Department is losing another top...

Scott Blackburn, the executive in charge of VA's Office of Information and Technology, has...

Alternatives following FDA’s healthcare antiseptic final rule

In light of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) long-expected final rule requiring...

HHS provides states second installment of grant awards...

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is releasing the second year...



PROGRAMS SERVED Animal Services & Welfare Community Development Dental Clinic Dental Services & Care...

Amazon Rising

Instead of expending energy and resources devising ways to defend against Amazon’s perceived encroachment on healthcare service providers, let Amazon do the heavy lifting as the first mover and follow their lead?

Addressing change fatigue

Most healthcare leaders acknowledge clinician burnout has reached a tipping point, according to a...

April 2018 Product Picks

Scrub management system, Shared decision-making playbook, Post-free distraction system for hip arthroscopy, Wearable locater system, Healthcare mobile computer

inside the current issue - April 2018

Keep supply lines fluid

Supply chain executives with deep ties to the non-acute care segment list and explain some of the obvious and obscure supply chain challenges unique to the non-acute or outpatient segment.

Tips, tools for managing ambulatory / outpatient facility supply chain

Supply chain executives working in the ambulatory/outpatient arena discuss ways to help an ASC or outpatient facility/department improve its supply chain operations.

Clinical assessments help ASC’s reach target goals

Clinical assessments help ambulatory surgical centers discover hidden opportunities for growth and success.

Savvy scheduling in the surgical suite

OR clinicians and scheduling system manufacturers discuss scheduling challenges, best practices and modern scheduling systems that help increase volume while keeping surgical cases on track.

Technology takes the lead in reducing sepsis

When sepsis is suspected, minutes count. Early detection, treatment, and quick and easy communication among caregivers is critical.

The elevation revelation

HPN’s annual salary survey shows most in the sterile processing profession want higher pay and greater recognition of their role in patient care and safety among healthcare organization leaders.

Secrets to a successful career in Sterile Processing

Seasoned sterile processing professionals share what CS/SPD employees can do to advance the field, climb the career ladder and achieve salary gains.

The science of speed

Today’s rapid readout biological indicators
APRIL 2018
CBSPD Expiration: March 31, 2023
IAHCSMM Expiration: March 9, 2021

Soaking solutions; hand sanitizer violations; identifying mysterious gray stains

Ray Taurasi fields questions from sterile processing professionals about how to soak instruments properly, using the right hand sanitizer, and identifying the source of stains on equipment and supplies.

Step up to IAHCSMM Fellowship

IAHCSMM is calling upon qualified members and sterile processing professionals to apply for its Fellowship program.

Anatomy of a surgical suite

Just as healthcare facilities have witnessed numerous ergonomic improvements and technological developments in beds and patient transport equipment in recent decades, they surely have noticed similar developments in the workhorses of the OR: tables, lights and booms.

Sweet surgical suite

Here’s a listing of some of the latest surgical innovations in tables, lights and beds for the OR

Amazon Rising

Instead of expending energy and resources devising ways to defend against Amazon’s perceived encroachment on healthcare service providers, let Amazon do the heavy lifting as the first mover and follow their lead?

Is offsite sterile processing for me?

Here are eight important factors to consider before moving your sterile processing operations offsite.

Value-based healthcare demands a new approach to item data management

Regulatory and market demands for more real world evidence on product performance as well as new reimbursement structures will influence how providers manage product item data now and in the future.

The long tail of Supply Chain’s expense continuum

How you look at products, services and technologies’ utilization could be the difference between your organization continuing to be profitable in the new healthcare economy we all live and work in.

HGPII chief aims to set GPO record straight about new, innovative...

If you believe group purchasing organization critics during the last few decades, you likely get the impression that GPOs hold their provider members hostage...

FDA warns duodenoscope manufacturers about failure to comply with required postmarket...

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters to all three duodenoscope manufacturers for failing to comply with requirements of federal law under...

HIMSS Analytics announces collaboration to advance supply chain capacity in global...

HIMSS Analytics announced a collaboration with Dr. Anne Snowdon, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Chair of the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) and CEO...

Fast Stats

April 2018

In 2015, 28,486 unintentional deaths related to falls occurred among people aged 65 and older, which represented a rate of nearly 60 unintentional fall deaths per 100,000 men and women aged 65 and older.

Those who fell were significantly more likely to be female, Caucasian, older, and lower income. Fallers also had significantly lower self-rated health and reported more chronic conditions.


of adults aged 65 and older fall each year.


of those who fall seek medical care.

$754 million

is the estimated medical costs associated with fatal falls in 2015.


of older adults reported a non-fatal fall in
the past year; 52% fell once, 21% fell twice, and 24% fell three or more times.

$12.9 billion

of hospital expenditures (4.4%) were attributable to older adult falls.


of Medicare expenditures and 8% of Medicaid expenditures were
attributable to falls.

$49.5 billion

in total healthcare spending was attributable to falls in 2015, including expenditures of $28.9 billion for Medicare, $8.7 billion for Medicaid, and $12 billion for other
payment sources.

Source: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, March 7, 2018.

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Today's Headlines
•Blockchain, digital workforce cited as increasing adoption of next generation supply chain innovations
•New sentinel event alert focuses on physical, verbal workplace violence against healthcare staff
•2018 Mark McKenna Healthcare Management Lecture video featuring Mike Leavitt now available
•The disturbing reason behind the spike in organ donations
•America's hospitals face doom - This year may be the last chance to save them
•Vizient now accepting applications for Innovative Technology Exchange 2018
•The Veterans Affairs Department is losing another top leader
•Alternatives following FDA's healthcare antiseptic final rule
•HHS provides states second installment of grant awards to combat opioid crisis
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Today's Headlines
• US regulators float ideas for boosting medical device safety
• The benefits of bright light for hospital patients
• 1 in 4 New York City mice carry drug-resistant bacteria, study finds
• HSCA announces healthcare cybersecurity key considerations to help supply chain combat emerging threats and protect patients
• Premier provides a blueprint to health systems seeking to accept added levels of risk and effectively implement value-based payment models
• FDA Safety Communication: Battery performance alert and cybersecurity firmware updates for certain Abbott (St. Jude Medical) ICDs
• Frederick doctors perform complete knee replacement surgery without the use of opioids
• Cantel Medical receives FDA 510(k) clearance to market ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru AER
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HPN Daily Update
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• Lead found in tap water in homes across Chicago
• Bathroom hand dryers: Another study shows how gross they may be
• FDA finalizes guidance to accelerate the development of reliable, beneficial NGS-based tests
• The 10th Annual UDI Conference will be held this month...April 24 & 25 in Baltimore, MD
• FDA launches criminal investigation into unauthorized herpes vaccine research
• Night owls have 10% higher mortality risk, study says
• Blood test may predict future risk of cardiovascular events
• The disappearing doctor: How mega-mergers are changing the business of medical care
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HPN Daily Update
• Budget office expects 34% jump in ACA premiums
• Healthcare's $3 trillion question: Should the likes of Google and Facebook control this data?
• FDA MedWatch - System 83 Plus AERs by Custom Ultrasonics
• SF scientists erase Alzheimer-causing gene in human brain
• This strange syndrome causes people to think their loved ones have been replaced by identical impostors
• Medscape's annual physician compensation report finds modest increase in salaries
• ALM scholarship recipients announced
• GAO report finds lapse in CMS health insurance exchange reenrollment oversight
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Today's Headlines

•Two overlooked healthcare areas vulnerable to cyber attacks
•AMA and Google launch Health Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge
•Medicaid enrollees have significantly better access to healthcare compared to uninsured, according to a new study
•Fourth edition of Health System Supply Chain Insights; 2018 Survey on Consolidated Service Centers (CSCs)
•Medicare Advantage plans cleared to go beyond Medical Coverage - even groceries
•BroadJump offers supply chain price benchmarking for non-acute market
•HHS and the DOJ return $2.6 billion in taxpayer savings from efforts to fight healthcare fraud
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HPN Daily Update
• Why Trump's tariffs could raise the cost of a hip replacement
• Facebook sent a doctor on a secret mission to ask hospitals to share patient data
• The risks to patient safety from health system expansions
• New blood test can detect early indicators of Alzheimer's disease
• NIH completes in-depth genomic analysis of 33 cancer types
• Research offers clues for improved influenza vaccine design
• Out-of-pocket expenses for chronic heart disease care inflict heavy financial burdens for low-income families
• Honeywell announces new software platform to power connected distribution centers to support E-commerce growth
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Today's Headlines
• Medicare to boost private plan payments by 3.4% next year
• APIC announces recipient of Graduate Student Award for infection prevention
• HHS releases a new resource to help individuals access and use their health information
• These sweat patches can tell when you are tired, among other things
• New SARS coronavirus emerges in China, devastates young swine
• FDA announces updates to AccessGUDID data
• CDC strategy stops spread of new antibiotic-resistant germs
• 2018 ALM board election results ends in unusual tie
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Today's Headlines
• Nearly 12 million people enrolled in 2018 health coverage under the ACA
• 'Nightmare bacteria' are trying to spread in the U.S., CDC says
• Genetic test may improve post-stent treatment, outcome
• New online tool helps SPDs prepare for accreditation surveys
• Humco and Fagron to combine for up to US $70 Million
• GE to sell healthcare IT business to Veritas
• CMS lowers the cost of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries
• Medicare ACOs have increased federal spending contrary to projections that they would produce net savings
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Today's Headlines
• Live fast, die young: Millennials are prime candidates for heart disease
• Healthcare standoff leaves 500,000 patients in limbo
• Byron Jobe leads Vizient, Inc. as new President and CEO
• A radical solution for saving America's hospitals
• 65 percent more antibiotics consumption in year 2015 as compared to 2000, globally
• New biomarker could help diagnose Ebola four days before symptoms appear
• What we know about cancer risk and coffee
• Giving babies antibiotics or antacids may increase allergy risk
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Today's Headlines
• Walgreens CEO says they can change without buying a health plan
• Hospitals fear competitive threat from potential Walmart-Humana deal
• These tiny robots could be disease-fighting machines inside the body
• Study of climate change could lead to understanding future of infectious disease
• Doctor sentenced to 18 months in prison for role in test-referral bribe scheme with New Jersey clinical lab
• Walmart eyes to turn superstores into healthcare centers
• In review of Ebola recovery, GAO urges better accountability
• As hospitals cut maternity services, burden is on expectant mothers
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The HPN 2018 CS/SPD Salary Survey Results are Here!
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Today's Headlines
• Scrutinizing Medicare coverage for physical, occupational and speech therapy
• Heart disease risk may show in your earlobes, eyes, fingers
• Just one high-fat meal sets the perfect stage for heart disease
• New advisory from The Joint Commission on newborn falls and drops in hospitals
• You're getting a bigger helping of toxic chemicals if you dine out often, study says
• New blood thinners may shorten patients' hospital stays
National Stop the Bleed Day video released
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Today's Headlines
- Survey finds 40 percent of healthcare providers have canceled surgical cases due to lack of supplies
- Aetna to pass on drug rebates to some of its members
- Infection prevention and control programs are essential to antibiotic stewardship efforts
- Baker Institute study: Consumerism in healthcare increasing
- Hospitals that improved profits benefited more from increased revenues than cost reductions, AHRQ study concludes
- FDA says cell-based flu vaccine may be 20% more effective than egg-based vaccine
- Over two-thirds of antibiotic courses for sinus infections were longer than recommended
- Why your doctor's computer is so clunky
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HPN April issue is here!
ASC supply chain coordination
Sepsis prevention
CS/SPD compensation survey
OR scheduling systems
Surgical tables, lights & booms
CE credits for sterile processing pros
Q&A with Ray Taurausi
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