The Importance of Following the 5-step Instrument Processing Workflow and the Value of Medical Grade Cabinetry

April 3, 2024

Healthcare Purchasing News and Tracy Timmerman, Senior Marketing Manager for Midmark Corporation, discuss how instrument processing is a critical part of infection prevention—and even with a designated area for instrument processing, why there’s a chance the workflow design may not allow compliance to guidelines. Regardless of the size and shape of your instrument processing area, there are five critical steps, based on guidelines from the CDC, that can help standardize your instrument processing workflow. By utilizing these five steps, you can make it easier to manage the process so it may be properly reproduced by all your staff.

It is also important that cabinetry is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in a non-acute environment while striking the right balance of clinical functionality and aesthetics. Design elements that can play a part in infection prevention efforts are especially important, given the enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols implemented in clinical environments. Listen in to learn more.

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